Sunday, October 30, 2011


As I write this, one of my beautiful kind-hearted friends is mourning the loss of her mum after a cruel and debilitating fight with cancer.  Another one of my equally beautiful friends is fearing the end is near for her family member. 

Thinking of them, makes me reflect on my weekend.  The weekend that I declared yesterday to be the "Worst Ever in History" after a visit to the emergency department with Macie and lots of tears - mostly mine. 

I work hard to focus on the beauty of life - the happiness and the small things that make me smile and give me joy.  I work hard to ensure I am happy, thankful and grateful for everything - always believing that there is a lesson to be learnt.  I have to admit though - when I drop my marbels - the floodgates open and I usually end up regretting not going to bed and throwing the doona over my head for the day.  That is how I felt yesterday. 

We were in Toowoomba visiting my family to celebrate my beautiful Grandma's 81st birthday.  We started the day wrangling our extremely determined Macie's refusal to wear her hearing aids and then spent the afternoon in the Emergency Department after she fell and hit her head onto concrete - creating the world's biggest egg on her forehead.  Thankfully she is perfectly fine and is now sporting a beautiful bruise that will no doubt turn many colours before disappearing.  In true Macie style - she was more worried about the graze on her knee than her sore head that her mummy was freaking out about! 

The tears (from me) started upon her first refusal to wear her hearing aids....and finished at 7.30pm last night as I rang my nearest and dearest to apologise for being such a jerk all day.  I wanted to blame pregnancy hormones - but really had to admit that I just dropped the balls that I so carefully balance and juggle each and every day. 

This morning, I received the sad news that we were all dreading to hear about my poor friends and their families. It made me put it into perspective.  My issues yesterday were nothing out of the norm and not one thing that happened yesterday was even worthy of being declared the "Worst Day Ever" - even if I did drop those juggling balls. 

Last night, as I watched the sun set with a freshly bathed Macie in my arms, I reminded myself of the "Rollercoaster of Life".  The kind I have spoken about before.... "How it has you believing that you are cruising along just fine and then WHOOSH - down you go with your stomach in your mouth - all while screaming "GET ME THE HELL OFF THIS THING" and coming in for a soft and safe landing. It's like a metaphoric kick in the ass to make you stop and slow take the time for yourself and your family...and to take a step back from your life and take a peek through the windows of your life....and wonder what lessons are to be learnt...lessons that haven't been learnt before."

And yesterday's lesson for today?? Was to be thankful for everything.....because you never ever know what may happen tomorrow. 

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  1. Hannah if you makes you feel any better we all have days where we lose our balls and everything makes us cry, I think this is what shows we are human and have feelings. Than the universe shows us something that puts it all in perspective and we pull ourselves together to start another day. A good cry can heal the soul!! I hope your days start to look as bright as you make all of ours by your beautiful blog. :)