Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Does Life get in your way?

Recently, I have found myself noticing that I am making excuses for not catching up with people.....with the over-used phrase of "Life just gets in the way".  I said it to a friend during the week who I haven't caught up with in months....and I said it again last night to a very close friend whom I seem to pass on the highway. 

This week I vowed to be different.  I would be present to everyone - especially little Macie.

We have spent mornings at the Library, milkshake dates with friends, playdates at the park....and Mummy's undivided attention.  Life wasn't getting in the way this week....and when it did - I tried my damnest to make it fun, interesting...and tantrum-free.

I feel like everytime I look at Macie - she is loosing another layer of 'Baby'.  Every day she becomes more independent, more intelligent and more stubborn.  It's at times like these that she needs guidance and love (sometimes a bit of tough-love to outweigh the stubbornness!) - and she needs nothing to get in the way.

She now has worked out how to open gates and is adamant that she will only wear her little knickers out in the garden.....layer by layer is slowing shredding and blooming into my beautiful big girl.

We baked cookies which were far from tasty after having one too many fingers in the dough.....but she didn't care....she loved the giggles and the privilege of being able to lick the beaters.....she didn't want perfection.

All Macie cared about was being able to wear her pretty dress over her pyjamas and being able to stick her fingers in the cookie dough.....and then being able to spend the morning in the garden with her puppy without Mummy needing to go somewhere....or do something.  Instead I sat there with a cuppa in my hand, jeans rolled up to my knees and bathed in the glory of childhood giggles and sunshine. 

Life didn't get in the way this week with long baths with her Daddy all while their giggles echoed through the cottage.  To even it all out, we had our fair share of tantrums and mexican-Macie-standoffs....but what would parenting be without them?  You need those moments to treasure the beauties....and really savour them.

So even though the cottage is certainly under-siege by toys and games - it is bursting with love and giggles. 

Next time I say to myself or my friends "Life just gets in the way"....I am going to ensure that it's a life that is filled with memories and more importantly, creating the memories.

For Life is too short to let it get in the way of having fun.....

 especially with this little one.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The week that wasn't.

I had huge dreams that once I hit the dreamy second trimester that I would be blogging my heart out and sewing like a maniac.  Unfortunately, this little baby has other ideas and is having a great time making sick at random times of the day....and unbelievably tired.  So tired that I refuse to believe that I need over 12 hours sleep a night and a 2 hour snooze with Macie to feel human.....surely this is not normal....but nothing ever is with a pregnancy right? 

Unfortunately due to my knack of 'Not doing much at all' - I haven't really had the inspiration to blog.  I don't want to fill my pages up with complaints of pregnancy - because I am a big lover of all things pregnancy-related.....well most things anyway.  It's a miracle...and totally worth it.

However - I do have some exciting news to report....and that is that I managed to snatch a few awards for my photography recently.  This is the very first competition I have entered so I am so very excited. 

I plan on getting a few of these beauties printed on day.  It's a pity that I am quickly running out of wall space in our beautiful yet tiny cottage!!

So - it's a brand new week that I am devoting to my darling girl.  After months of Mummy being sick - I can see she is craving for some new activities and her active Mummy back - so she is back - no matter what!  Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 plus 1 = Our Perfect Family!

I always dreamed of having my perfect little family, with my gorgeous husbo - and being blissfully happy.  To think that my dream is coming true - well the very thought brings tears to my eyes....tears that I may well be able to blame on pregnancy hormones!! 

There has been a legitmate reason for why things have been so quiet around here.....

This little girl is going to be a big sister to....

 this darling little baby due in Feb 2012....

 Heath and I are so excited to be expanding our family and giving Macie a little playmate.  Macie is super excited too and regularly lifts up my shirt to give the "Dubba" cuddles and kisses ever so gently on my growing belly.  She will make such a gorgeous and loving big sister - and even the thought of that makes me cry.

Thankfully the morning all-day sickness has started to subside and hopefully I will become a lot more productive like the old days with both photography and a spot of sewing! 

In the meantime, we are enjoying floating in the happiness bubble....and relishing in the joy that such small human beings bring.  X 

The holiday that wasn't....

I dream about holidays that I will take my beautiful little family on one day.  Road trips to the Snowy Mountains, adventures to the beach, exploring the big cities and little mini-breaks to somewhere exciting.  Holidays were such a huge part of my childhood that I treasure so closely to my heart.  My parents used to meticulously plan a trip or two per year and then give us the ultimate experience.  Whether it be sailing the Pacific on the P&O or experiencing "The Phantom of Opera" in Sydney - it was always amazing

These are the experiences that I want to pass onto my kids. 

With these experiences though - I also vividly remember things going wrong.  Those 'Disaster Holidays' that left my parents absolutely exhausted and wondering where they had lost their luck.  Where my sister and I would jump into the pool with our hearing aids, or nearly get hit by a car running to the beach or deciding it would be a good idea to climb the pantry in a high-rise apartment at the coast and consequently smashing all the cups, plates and bowls.  I remember these moments vividly too.....and it wasn't always amazing!

So, when Heath let me know that he had a spare 5 days off before life on the farm started to get busy again - I jumped at the opportunity to get organised for a little mini-break.  With Macie's latest fascination of animals, I decided that a road-trip to Dubbo Zoo (5 hours away) would be ideal!  We would sing like happy families in the car, have a lovely dinner in Dubbo before waking up early for the 6am Morning Walk at the Zoo to feed the animals, have a lovely picnic in the sunshine, then we would giggle and laugh the day away!  Perfecto. 

It was not to be. 

 Admittedly, we are a tiny-wincy bit strict with our bed time routine with Macie - but decided to let it all loose - and only book a one bedroom hotel room and have a little sleep-over with Moo in our bed.  Macie couldn't believe her luck.....sleepover means NO sleep, right?  It was only after a little dance move at 2am that resulted into her head smashing into my lip that ended the fun and we managed to scrape a few hours sleep with her on my chest while I was on the couch! 

Awake at 5am we decided to get organised for our early morning walk at the Zoo....showered, dressed and off for a strong coffee from McCafe - only to find ourselves at the locked gates at the Zoo with a sign that says "No Morning Walks on FRIDAY".  Are you serious?  We had locked our hotel key in our room to 'check out' - so we were stranded in Dubbo with a delirious sleep-deprived child with 2 hours to burn. 

Did I mention it was raining too?   Yep - aren't we the luckiest?

After a major fluke, we managed to get our hotel room back and successfully kept Macie entertained for 2 hours without waking up the whole complex.  As the skies began to clear, we happily set off on our Zoo adventure....

It's just such a pity that the animals appeared to be deliriously sleep-deprived too.  If they weren't hiding - they were asleep.  If they weren't asleep - they were too fixated on their licking blocks.  If that wasn't the case - they just didn't even bother to lift their heads to acknowledge your arrival.  Zoo-Proof much? 

We were unable to ascertain if these Cheetahs were in fact alive - they did not move once....they were so lifeless that Macie decided to escape down a restricted bush path.....apparently that is more exciting!

The usual view of the animals....licking a block
Sleeping while eating.....all in a days work at Dubbo Zoo!
QUICK!  They are coming - HIDE!!!!
As much as we spoke in high-pitched excited tones - Macie couldn't really understand what all the "Zoo-Fuss" was about.  Infact she was so unimpressed by their lack of movement - that she was more obsessed with the actual statues.  Same thing I guess. 

 But after 4 hours....the delirious-ness (is that even a word?) started to escalate to over-tiredness, resulting into attempt escapades down restricted walking tracks and starting to talk to strangers - adament that one man was her "Pa".  In fact, she was so adament that this man was her grandfather, that this kind stranger just agreed to play along with her and pretend!! 

Thankfully the giraffes decided to rebel against the Sleep policy and came to provide Macie with some entertainment!  This was certainly the highlight!

There were no picnics, no sunshine - but plenty of laughs, giggles and special moments. 

For even though our plans certainly did not go accordingly.....we were still happy, healthy and together.....and after 2 hours sleep and a day at the zoo.....this is what we got to admire all the way home.....


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Monday, August 15, 2011


The other day I was going through my iPhone and found myself laughing, smiling and even crying at all my pictures and videos of my darling little girl Macie.

We have graduated to 'Piggy Tiny-Tails'.  Seriously the cutest thing ever!
I feel like she is growing up infront of my eyes.  She learns things at a rapid rate, is starting to put sentences together, shows me things that I haven't even taught her and most importantly, is becoming such a beautiful and caring little girl.  Watching her with her little cousin Archer just makes me want to jump to hug and praise her (on most occasions I do just that too!) as she gently kisses his forehead and laughs when she touches his hands.  It's every parents dream to see their child happy, content and learning.

I often say that our girl has enough personality to kindly donate - but secretly, I am so glad that she is all ours - the laughter, the smiles, the little twinke in her eye and even the tantrums and stubborness.  I like that she knows what she wants and that it's our job to teach her the rights vs wrongs in society. 

When all is quiet in Mimi's office.....there is usually a path of destruction!
As her second birthday looms closer, I wish I had a pause button so I had the luxury of soaking up these moments and memorising them.  To savour the cuddles, the giggles and that extra special time when we tuck her in at night and she rolls over to us and so innocently says "Night Night - Love You".  There is simply nothing better to finish your day off with.

How I usually find Heath and Macie at the end of the day.....she doesn't leave his side from hometime to bedtime!
I was going to upload some hilarious videos to make you laugh - for this is Macie's speciality.  But, unfortunately with my sat internet out on the farm - the darling little laptop just can't hack it.  So instead, just picture a little girl in her carseat singing "MUM MUM MUM MUM" to the Small Potatoes song for over 5 minutes - there are hand actions, smiles, a small break for a breather and then a friendly hello to her Daddy who finally makes it to the car.  Seriously, how can something so small make us so happy?   

She makes people laugh and most importantly, makes her family so very happy.   Her happiness is contagious - and that is such a beautiful trait to have.

We love you Moo.  Today, Tomorrow and Forever. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Can you hear what I see?

Over the past few months, I have found the questions asking about Moo's hearing increasing and have realised just how geniunely interested people are in Macie's development and journey.  I am more than happy to report that Macie is going so well - and is happily wearing her hearing aids for the 'majority' of the time.  She sings songs, tells stories (literally gets the books and 'reads' to me) and is coming up with new words and sentences daily.  We decided to trust our instinct and not throw too much intervention at her at such a young age and instead we are having check-ups with our private Speech Pathologist who was infact my speechie when I was a child.

Reflecting on the past 22 months has reminded me of all the amazing people in our lives.  It has also reminded me of a blog post on my blog Mama Butterfly that I wrote when Macie was younger.....

I thought it was the perfect oppurtunity to share our story with all my beautiful readers and followers....and give you a little insight in our world when Macie was so much younger. 

So the question is - can you hear what I see?


Can you hear what I see?
Written on March 22, 2010
From blogpost Mama Butterfly

All my life I have know no other way than to wake up daily, put my hearing aids in my ears and grace the world with a beautiful, optimistic and positive attitude. And for this, I have my parents to thank.

My sister Emma and I were diagnosed with a moderate hearing loss when Emma was four and I was two.  My Mum had noticed that something was just no quite right. Consequently, she went to see numerous doctors and specialists who all sent her home and told her that she was being an over-reactive mother and that we were 'fine'.  Thankfully Mum acted on those ever so strong mother-instincts and continued to fight until we were given the proper and correct hearing test to PROOVE that we were infact 'fine'.

The results came in and it was confirmed - we were 'hard of hearing'.  Mum was with the results, came the comment from the doctor.....'They are deaf, they are going to be mute, they are not going to achieve anything or BE anything - you are just better off putting them in a special school'

And the response from my Mum laced with fury and hurt was 'OVER MY DEAD BODY'.

So Mum and Dad researched everything they could and devoted their lives to their two girls to ensure that they had NO limitations - that the world was their oyster. We were enrolled into normal kindergartens and schools, we excelled in all of our classes, we were in the choir (musn't be too mute!), the swimming team (we could still hear the starting gun!), and the list is endless. To ensure we spoke with the utmost precision, we had speech therapy twice a week for 12 years. If our hearing aids broke, we would not miss a day of school - instead Mum or Dad would be late for work while they took both us and the hearing aids to be fixed. In the 12 years I was at school - I only missed 4 days of school.

Without my parents determination to give us a life like any other child - I know for sure we would not be the strong-minded, opinionated, happy and positive women we are today. My life is so ultimately blessed with my beautiful and loving family. I am now a full time Mama to Baby Moo - but I have worked for years in Law. I started as a fresh-out-of-school paralegal and progressed to a Conveyancing Manager - being the author of up to 50 files and responsible for the relationship with countless clients. Emma is now a fully-qualified Teacher of the Deaf majoring in Special Education. Daily she shows the young deaf children of our generation that they can do ANYTHING! She teaches them that no matter what, they can go to be doctors, teachers, police officers, etc. And for those children to be able to relate to her - is my Mum's dream.

So when Heath and I were told that our beautiful, perfect, little girl was 'hard of hearing' - there were only a few tears shed. But we knew that this small little defect would not affect her - it would only make her stronger to fight the narrow minded people in this world and mould her to be more determined to be the VERY best person she could be.  As she sits here playing with her toys with her gorgeous baby pink hearing aids in - I look at her with pride, love and adoration. Never once has she complained or cried about the constant trips to Brisbane and Toowoomba for testing, doctors appointments or mould impressions. She greets every doctor, specialist and nurse with a beautiful smile and a little chuckle. She is an angel - who has touched the lives of so many people and gives hope to her family that she will simply be OK as she grows older.

And she is lucky.....

Lucky to have the most beautiful Daddy in the world - who never once shed a tear when he was told of her loss, smiled when he saw her hearing aids and provided her with the most beautiful, positive experience. In Daddy's eyes - Mummy wears hearing aids and he thinks she is the most beautiful person he has ever why would he be upset about his baby girl taking after his Mummy?

She is lucky to have the most supportive family and friends.  She is just so lucky. 

The world is her oyster....and we will certainly make sure of that. 

So the question is, can you hear what I see?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My kinda magic...

I know that I use the word "magic" a lot - perhaps I over-use it.  I never was the 'goo-ey' feel-good person but over the past few years I have truly transformed.  I really do believe that magic surrounds us each and every day. Life itself is magic - you just need to take the time to find it. 

Things have been somewhat silent here on my blog over the past week while I held on for a whirlwind ride in both my life and the lives of my family.  Over the past two weeks, I have witnessed so many beautiful and wonderful moments - moments that I like to put in the "Never to Forget" file.  The special file that I pull out when life seems tough and I feel like I am treading water.  

Last week, a new addition to our family arrived in the form of my perfect little nephew, Archer James.  I fell in love with him instantly and found myself sitting back and watching this beautiful new family blossom.  I have witnessed my sister become a mother and her husband becoming the doting father and husbo.....and I must admit that I have shared enough tears for everyone.  There is nothing more magical than watching my sister's adoration for both her son - and her husband, and to see that her family are now her world.  Nothing else compares.

I happily welcomed her to the "Mum Club" where it's natural and infact mandatory to cry over the smallest things and marvel at the ability to function with such limited sleep. It was only when both Emma and I found ourselves on the couch crying over Archer's little fingers and toes - that we looked at each other and started laughing at ourselves.  Another moment to file in the "Never Forget". 

Many friends have welcomed darling little babies into their lives over the past few weeks and have given me the utmost pleasure of photographing their little miracles.  I love nothing more than the newborn features, their soft skin and their tiny little cries.  I love reassuring the little darlings and finding that they finally fall asleep or settle once they learn to trust me. 

The one thing I really love is watching the beautiful new relationship form between the family - that really is magic. 

My Newborn Photography seems to be a hit as I now even having 'bookings'.  Who would have thought!  Newborn cuddles + Beautiful families equates to my kinda happiness! 

I sometimes wonder if I should pack up the sewing and start being more serious with my photography.  Since I am self-taught (with the help of my lovely in-laws who are seriously camera-savy) I wonder if I should take the next step to learn more about my camera and all the confusing jargon that comes with it....another challenge on the horizon....and another oppurtunity at my feet.

Speaking of oppurtunities - I had the pleasure of spending Sunday morning with some of the most dedicated and talented women in my border region.  I met the gorgeous Shelli from Shelli Morse Designs, Lisa from Bush Babes and Kate from Children's Online Store - all of which are beautiful and inspirational.  We had all been honoured to be asked to be part of an article in the upcoming Spring Edition Border Living Magazine - to shine the light on creative mums in our area who are working from home.  It was the 'Pinch Yourself' moment where I wondered if I qualified since my sewing machine had been so quiet recently - but thankfully they wanted to shine the light on my blog and photography too.  I think this certainly qualifies for a "Never Forget" moment. 

As the suitcases remain unpacked, the washing pile continues to rise and the house continues to get untidy - I remince on the fantastic few weeks I have just had the honour and pleasure of experiencing.  Although life has thrown me so many gems....nothing beats coming home to this man....

and watching my little family create our own magic....the kind that I will never forget.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A room full of memories

With a steaming hot cup of milo in my hand and a sneaky chocolate biscuit, I am sitting in my parent's office of my family home enjoying the serenity.  Sitting at the very desk where I used to spend countless hours researching for assignments, begrudgingly writing those same assignments and talking on MSNchat to my girlfriends about cute boys.  The huge grey computer monitor that used to reside on the office desk has been made redundant and now there sits a sleek black laptop with all the latest technology.  I always find myself smiling that my parents like to keep up-to-date with technology and laugh that they always unplug the power plug at the end of the day "just in case" a virus comes through overnight. 

I have always loved this room and considered it my favourite room in the house.  I used to proudly show my friends when they visited and would spend countless hours on the couch talking with my parents about anything that was on my mind.  They were special moments - moments that I now treasure.  Each and every wall in this office is covered in family snapshots - of family holidays, weddings, school days, grandparents, First Communions and graduations.  There is a photo of my beautiful Mum as Carnival Queen for the Carnival of Flowers in the 1980's, a baby photo of my Dad sitting in the sunshine on his parents couch and photos of Macie. 

There is even a collage of photos of myself, my sister and my Mum all holding beer steins in Munich - Mum was only 20, I was 19 and Emma was 23.  We all managed to go to the same place on our Contiki trips - even though our adventures were years apart.  All those years ago, Mum planted a seed in us to "Travel and see the World" - which we did.....and Dad planted a seed in us to "Always do the best we can do and be happy at it" - which we have......and all these photos in the office just proves to me, that they have done an almighty job ensuring those little seeds they planted over 25 years ago have flourished into what they dreamed of. 

Macie and I packed up the car on Monday with suitcases, toys, and pillows.  We kissed Heath goodbye and set off to spend some quality time with my sister Emma as her due date for birth was getting closer by the day.  I had an instinct that I needed to be near her - to spend those precious last days with her before she becomes a Mama.  We spent the days playing in the park, and enjoying long sisterly chats - the ones that you can't do over the phone.  As I always say, instinct is powerful because I am now sitting here in this beautiful room in my parents home, receiving update texts from her from the Labour Ward at the Hospital.  She is going to be a Mama soon and tears well up in my eyes just thinking about it. 

 Soon she will have her own office with walls covered in her family photos, a fridge full of paintings and a house full of toys.  But most of all, she will have a heart constantly overflowing with love for her husband, her family, and her children.  Soon, she will be meticiously planting the seeds of dreams and hopes into her little baby and wishing nothing but happiness and health.  She will be counting his ten little fingers and ten little toes and will be marvelling at how much of a miracle he is.

As tears roll down my cheeks - they are happy tears and proud tears - I find myself wondering "If I feel like this for my sister, imagine what my Mum and Dad feel for their daughter."

It's every parents dream to see their children grow up to be happy, strong, healthy, successful and grounded.  To see that their hard work, endless love, tricky decisions and tears have moulded the daughter that they had dreamed of.  I know that Emma has made them proud, for she has made me proud as a sister.

And I know that when they receive that phone call where they can hear her little baby crying in the background - it will be one of the most rewarding moments in their role as a parent.  It's moments like these that I look forward to with my children - the golden moments that bring both tears to your eyes and happiness to your heart. 

The very moments that remind you's all worth it. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nothing smells like a Newborn....

I had the utmost priviledge of photographing my beautiful friend and her family last week to signify the arrival of their second child, Sinclair Aden.

It was my first Newborn Shoot - something I really would love to get more into for I can imagine nothing more satisfying that capturing the special time when a baby arrives and blends into a family.  That and the cuddles!!

So, here is a snippet of the day's favourites. 

Photographing this family was truly magical.....I could feel the love....and am so happy that the photos ooze them.

Enjoy.  X

If you have any questions about these photos, please do not hesitate to contact me on