Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pretty Ballerinas.....

I have been working on my 2011 'Pretty Ballerina' Range and yesterday launched just a snippet of what will be available....

My store will be stocked soon and in the meantime, I will be taking custom orders via e-mail!

It has proved to be a hit with a few orders coming through already! It is so so so pretty! X

Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to School range....

I have been working on my {Back to School} range today....

All items are available in my shop!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In lurve.....

Recently, as you all know, I blogged about the fabrics from Retromummy and the amazing competition/giveaway she was having. Any normal person would have waited to see if they had won....but me, being the self-confessed fabric addict couldn't wait!

So....I received a lovely bundle of not one, not two...but all of her fabrics yesterday in the mail. I felt like my Christmas had come early! I shared my joy with a fellow friend and fabric addict too and we found ourselves 'ooooh-ing' and 'aaaaah-ing' over the gorgeous collection.

Last night I couldn't help myself but to sit, create and sew with the fabrics.....and currently I am working on an apron which will be part of my range for 2011. It's red, it's gorgeous and it is going to be called 'Made with Love'. I hope to have it finished before we head away for Christmas.....but here is a sneak peak.....

It's raining here so hopefully my darling daughter will have a nice moochy morning sleep and I will be able to finish this gorgeous apron! X

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shabby Chic

My little 10 year old cousin Tayler is Masterchef-mad so I decided to make her a special apron for Christmas along with the Junior Masterchef cookbook!

I am SO happy with how it turned out and plan on making this range available to all of my customers in 2011! I put a bit of a teaser out on my Facebook page - and received such a terrific response!

So here it is gorgeous isn't it?

I especially love the shabby flower and personalised 'T'! I made it big enough so that it will see her through her adult years and be the apron that created and holds many fond memories for her. I can't wait to see it on her!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is in store for 2011?

I have been working on a few creations for 2011 - bright, summery and pretty!

Here is a little snippet....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Retro Mummy is having a GIVEAWAY!

I follow lots and lots of blogs and one of my favourites is definitely Retro Mummy!

She is having a giveaway.....of this beautiful fabric! Oh how I dream to have this in my stash.

Be sure to visit her page....and be prepared to drool!!

**I have received e-mails confirming that my link is not working - I have now updated this but if it still doesn't appear to work - please go to to enter the competition! You can also find her on Facebook or her store is **

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have this fabulous customer who contacts me every time a new baby in born in her circle of family and friends! All she does is tell me the name of the new bubba, whether it's a boy or girl and then the address! My job is to create something beautiful, special and then post it off to them as a gift!

I absolutely LOVE making Custom-Made items for these darling little babies and this is what I created for the latest order....

Johnnie the Tractor TWIN New Arrival Pack!
The new twins Max & William will have their own personalised bibs with matching Johnnie the Tractor onesies!

Pretty Little Ruffle Onesie with Matching bib!
This little girl is actually 6 months old so I thought a Pretty Little Ruffle Onesie would be gorgeous since she is probably on the move! The matching bib looks a treat!!

Old Skool New Arrival Pack!
The Old Skool Tee is such a huge hit with my customers that I have now created a bib to match! Looks great doesn't it!

So, we are off to the Post Office to post off all these gifts to the new bubbas! Lets hope they like them!!

All of these items are available for purchase - please e-mail me at if you are interested!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The first of many....

I have been wanting to start up a 'Dalli Cottage' blog for many reasons! Of course the obvious is more exposure but most importantly, I would love to be able to write about all these creations that are brimming in my mind and let you all know about them!!

The Dalli Cottage Collection is my small business that runs from our tiny cottage here on a large grain farm. We have a beautiful daughter, Macie who is 14 months old - who is my constant source of imagination for my creations and my Personal Exercise Trainer as she NEVER stops!!

I love creating children's clothing and accessories that ooze country charm and elegance! Timeless pieces that are versatile and pretty for the girls - and fun for the boys!

So keep an eye on this blog as I continue to add my creations, and have some fun!!

A big thank you to all my existing customers who constantly support my small business! You know how much I love you!! X