Monday, February 21, 2011

Scraps into Treasure....

I recently realised just how much scrap fabric I have since I started Dalli all those months ago.  I noticed that a lot of businesses are actually selling their fabric scraps but I decided to do something different. 

I purchased some terrific earring and button kits and have made some gorgeous hair is a snippet of what I have available....

The earrings sold like hot cakes within 2 hours - I couldn't believe it!  What a win-win situation!  I get to minimise my fabric scraps pile all while creating cheap and pretty earrings for my gorgeous customers!!  I plan on making a few more and making them available for Mothers Day! 

What have you been upto this week?  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ten things....

To add to the fun of the "Face Behind the Brand", I thought I would do a blog post on Ten Random Things about me....

1.  I believe I have an acquired taste in music....others just reassure me that it's just a 'terrible' taste in music.  I could listen to my ipod all day every day with music ranging from Beaches to Meatloaf, Robbie Williams to Garth Brooks and ABBA to Eric Clapton!  Don't even get me started on how WELL I sing....although my husbo may argue this point! 

2.  If I could have just one fairy in my life - it would be the "Washing Fairy".  Mount Wash-Me at the Dalli Cottage sucks!

3.  My husbo and I have been together for nearly nine years and I KNOW that we will together for another ninety.  This is my favourite photo from our wedding day where my bridesmaid accidently pulled off my veil....hilarious hey! 

This photo is the perfect way to sum up our outlook on life....when life throws you a wobbly....just simply LAUGH!

4.  I am so clucky for another baby that I am starting to grow feathers and cluck when I see other babies or pregnant bellies.  I dream of having a baby belly like this again... 

5.  Sleep-talking is a huge talent of mine - last night I woke my husband so he could check that we were still floating around the island, the night before I woke him to let him know that he wasn't stacking the watermelons properly in the trolley!  As you can imagine, this is highly entertaining for Heath and he has great joy reporting my antics each and every morning!  

6.  When I was 19, I went on a SOLO whirlwind tour of the world - in 6 weeks I visited 18 countries, was in Rome when the Pope died, Monaco when Prince Rainier was ill and Gallipoli for the 90th ANZAC service.  One of the best experiences ever.  

7.  I won't function without a morning coffee and snuggles with my family.  

8.  I am accident prone and on most occasions have plenty of bruises & cuts to prove this theory! I have fractured my collarbone after running into a pole on my push-bike when I was 8, rode off my dad's car on the first day I got my L's after running into a power pole, and hurt my shoulder after falling off a quad bike and being run over...I then proceeded to hurt the same shoulder in a night-snow-ski accident.  Do I need to tell you more?  ;) 

9.  Macie makes me laugh daily. 


10.  If I won the lottery, I would love to get my pilots licence so I could fly to see my family weekly...and fit in a spot of fabric shopping!  That would be the coolest thing EVER!! 

So come on....join in on the fun and let loose your TEN most random pieces of information!!  I can't wait to read yours!! 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the media....

Very excited to report that my little business has been featured in a new magazine called AusMumpreneur - it's just gorgeous and full of so many terrific articles and information. 

Go and check it out....seriously - you will love it!  Click HERE 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grateful for....

I am happy to report another magical week at the cottage with my beautiful family...

A rearrange of my creative space and I feel completely renewed....who wouldn't when you are being soaked in sunshine while you create....

My bedside reminder to have "ME" time to read my books and write in my journal.....what do you have on your bedside table? 

And of course my two loves....being themselves and making me swoon over them.  I can't imagine life without them...and I especially love it when the husbo is home after it rains....small things in life! 

Join in over at Maxabella for "I'm Grateful".....

Dalli's Creative Space...

You probably all remember me drooling over some beautiful creative spaces in my post here....unfortunately I will only be visiting these places in my dreams but I decided to get realistic and make the most of the space that we have in the cottage. 

Our beautiful, quaint little cottage is a bit small and I had all intentions on persuading the husbo to let me take over the spare bedroom and rename it the 'Dalli HQ' but have since changed my mind....more on that another day! 

Instead, I decided to rearrange our bedroom (which is HUGE) and have added another large table into the equation so I can sew in the sunshine and gaze out into the wide open spaces and the farm's crop of sorghum.  

So here it is.....just a little collage of my very modest creative space....

Top left: A little board in Dalli's colour scheme where I keep all my suppliers and favourite stores business cards. 
Top Right:  Sewing in the sunshine with "Boris" my Brother Sewing Machine
Second Row Left:  A cute clock to keep me in track of the time
Second Row Middle: Dalli Business cards and logo designed by Creative Curiosity (Highly recommend!)
Third Row Middle: A list of orders and a diary full of 'To-Do'
Third Row Right:  My little lamp for late-night sewing with a beautiful bejewelled Butterfly....a beautiful reminder of my journey
Fourth Row:  My daily acclaimation to start each day fresh, with a skip in my step and a smile on my dial.  Print from The Love Shop on Etsy.  
Fourth Row Right:  My view....the wide open spaces! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

I have to be honest....

...and say that the beautiful little doll 'Faith' that I made for the Dolly Flood Appeal....well she never made it to the devastated areas of Queensland. 

There is another little girl named Ally who needs Faith aswell.  Little Ally is the funniest, most gorgeous little girl I have met and is going in for open-heart surgery on Thursday.  Both Ally and her beautiful family need all the faith that they can get. 

Please keep Ally in your thoughts and prayers.  I know that she is going to A-OK as she is such a determined little girl...and besides, she now has Faith watching over her. 

New to Dalli....

It appears that my creativity went into overdrive whilst I was on light duties.....and as a result - there are lots of new and exciting things available at The Dalli Cottage Collection!

Here is a little snippet...

After our very first day at Playgroup I decided it was time to make an Art Smock for Macie.  It is made with laminated Mexican Oilcloth making it easy to simply wipe off the paint and protect your little one's clothes! E-mail me today to place your order.

Too early for Easter?  Not at The Dalli Cottage Collection!  These tees are now available in our store
Gorgeous bibs from designer fabrics - now available in our store

I have had so much fun creating all of these new additions to our store and for our customers!  I am currently working on some more aprons for a photoshoot...ahhh the possibilities!  X 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Grateful for....

Each week I find that I am grateful for the same beautiful husbo, delightful little girl and my family & friends.....and licking the beaters clean from chocolate cake! 

Never to old to have lick the beaters! 

They all bring me so much happiness and enrich my soul.....but what about ME? 

I really had to think about what I loved about this week and that was..... 'Me Time' (thanks Mummy Time for reminding me about this!).  I am all about keeping it 'real' and will fully admit that I had a mini-meltdown to my husbo this week and wished for just an hour to read a book, a soak in the bath, or a night on the couch watching my favourite TV shows - instead of the constant demand with the sewing machine, washing machine and general chores!  

Life works in mysterious ways because this week I hurt my back and sewing just aggravated it to the point where I was nearly in I cut back from my sewing this week and relished in the 'me' time at any given moment. 

I read nearly two books, took reign on the remote for all my favourite TV shows (I can't remember the last time I did this as I always sew at nights), had nanny naps while my darling daughter slept and didn't spend half as much time on the computer doing invoices, wholesale orders, FB....etc.  

After nearly a week, I woke up this morning and felt liberated - my back felt better, my daughter is happier that Mummy is eager to get down and play with her and I had that skip back in my step.  

'Me' time is SO important - especially for all those Mamas out there who have forgotten what to do for THEM.  I know that earlier this week I couldn't remember what I used to do for 'me' darling husbo had to remind me that I love reading - and two books later....I am smiling again! 

So this week - take some time out for YOU even when the Mount Wash-Me is growing in your laundry, the house needs cleaning or you have a million orders to do.....

I promise you that you won't regret it.  X 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Light Duties....

Photo from here

Don't ask me how - but I appear to have 'done' my back and as a result - I feel a ripe age of 92!  In the meantime while I try to get it back in shape (pardon the pun!), I have had a word with the boss and am going to prescribe myself with Light Duties for a couple of weeks.....

Feel free to send ANY tips on how to fix a bad, knotted back - I will pay you in virtual kisses.  X