Monday, February 7, 2011

New to Dalli....

It appears that my creativity went into overdrive whilst I was on light duties.....and as a result - there are lots of new and exciting things available at The Dalli Cottage Collection!

Here is a little snippet...

After our very first day at Playgroup I decided it was time to make an Art Smock for Macie.  It is made with laminated Mexican Oilcloth making it easy to simply wipe off the paint and protect your little one's clothes! E-mail me today to place your order.

Too early for Easter?  Not at The Dalli Cottage Collection!  These tees are now available in our store
Gorgeous bibs from designer fabrics - now available in our store

I have had so much fun creating all of these new additions to our store and for our customers!  I am currently working on some more aprons for a photoshoot...ahhh the possibilities!  X 

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  1. These bibs are awesome Hannah.