{Do you do Weddings?}
When I first started to agree to do photoshoots, I made a promise with my husbo (pinky promise and all) that I wouldn't accept to photograph weddings.  Even though it takes all my strength to say 'no' when beautiful brides ask me - it is a decision I have made for the sake of my very young family.  As the years go on, my policy may change!   Never say Never!

{What kind of camera and equipment do you have}
I am not really into the technology and 'must haves' with cameras however I do have a fantastic Canon 40D and I love to shoot with my 50ml lens.  I am very grateful that I have a very generous father-in-law with a similar passion of photography and an a-maz-ing collection of lenses!  However - even with the whiz-bang lenses - I always find myself going back to my trusty old 50ml.  I believe that the 50ml lens makes me work for the shot...and I can always trust it to give me the magic I need!

{Do you own all the props in your photos?}
The majority of props in the photographs are mine - however always ask as I love it when clients bring their own favourite chair or have sourced an amazing prop to use in their photos!  The husbo is starting to fret about my prop addiction collection growing at a rapid rate and taking over the cottage!!  What a perfect excuse for a studio I think!! ;)

{Do you shoot with natural or artificial light?}
I am a natural light girl - and love nothing more than the golden rays from the afternoon sunset. 

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