Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Woods Family

When I first received the e-mail to book this family session in, I knew that I would always have a very special place in my heart for this family.  The "Mum" was my kinda-mum - friendly, warm and what totally floored me was....she read my blog.  This still surprises me when people tell me they read it!!

So, when I went to spend my Sunday morning with the three most gorgeous children I have ever met - well that is when I declared that it isn't work that I do.  In these situations, it was purely being able to have the priviledge to watch the true magic of childhood between these darling siblings. 

I can't wait to watch them grow and blossom into beautiful adults. 

But for the meantime, I will share with you a small collection from their session with me.

Much Love  X 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Birthday Boy

Our baby, William, turned one on the 26th February.
I honestly feel like the last 12 months has been an absolute blur.  It feels like I only gave birth to this beautiful little boy and when I look at him now, he is a happy, healthy and very active one year old.
It may sound corny but this little boy has just completed our lives.  He is funny, happy and is such a boy. 
And here are 10 things about our Willsy:
1.  He is our little snuggler.  Macie was never very cuddly but Willsy will cuddle us all day long.  All we need to say is "Put your head-y down" and he just gives all the love that his little heart can handle. 
2.  He is funny!  He makes us laugh every day and there are even times when you hear little giggles coming from Macie as he makes her laugh too! 
3.  He idolises his Big Sister.  He will follow her around all day - and the days when she is not here - he will just wander around the house all day looking for her.  Macie is the ONLY person to make Willsy really let out a belly-laugh and it's all by doing some silly little language and dance.  I swear they have their own language!!
4.  He eats anything - including rocks, geckos, bugs, etc.  Every mothers worst nightmare!!
5.  He says Daaaaaaaddddy all day long!  Macie was a "Muuuuuuummmy" girl - so it's nice to hear Dad Dad Dad Dad from the little guy!
6.  If he could - he would spend all day every day outside.
7.  Even though he is a shy little guy, he makes people smile just from saying Hello.
8.  He has a Bunny Rug and he knows if you try to give him an imitation.  If you dare to give him anything BUT Bunny, he will throw it away like it's nothing.  Seriously hilarious.
9.  He will eat Jatz biscuits all day long.
10. He is ours.  He is beautiful.  He has blessed our lives in more ways he could ever imagine.
Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy.  X