Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey Sista

Me:        How is Archie today?  My kids are driving me insane!”
“Clingy and he has just knocked over the soap bottle.  God, I wish we lived closer together. 
“I know.  How freaking awesome would it be?”
“I don’t care where it is – but this weekend we are getting vino, chocolate and DVDs and we                  are going to talk until the sun comes up.  I miss you.”
Me:        “I will be there on Friday.  Get the vino chilled.”

There is only 21 months apart from my sister, Emma and I.  We have always been close.  Admittedly, we have shared our fair share of hair-pulling, name-calling and bitch-slapping moments but since we have both become mothers – we have this new understanding. 
An understanding that is silent, profound and humbling.
An understanding of how utterly exhausting it is to have a teething child glued to your hip all day, or how it feels when your children reach milestones.  Or when the husbo drives you insane – or when the endless chores feel like your job is never done. 
I find that all Emma and I need to do when we are feeling down, flat or upset is to call each other.  The conversation always starts with a “I need your opinion”…continues on with the situation….and then finishes with a “Tell me - am I being stupid?”.  It’s the other sister’s responsibility to reassure, reassess and restore the confidence and kick-ass attitude.  It’s their responsibility to virtually wipe away the tears through the telephone, dust the other sister off, give them a kiss and tell her to Go Get ‘Em! 
This is all while we wrangle our children with one hand, juggle the phone in between the crease in our neck and spontaneously scream “Can you stop sucking the soap please”….or  “GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE!!!”…..or “Macie stop putting necklaces on your brother” as Will starts to look like a drag queen! 
At the moment I am reading the memoir “Bloom” by Kelle Hampton (the writer of Enjoying the Small Things – my most favourite blog).  She writes of how she felt like she let her eldest daughter Lainey down when Nella was born.  She felt like she robbed her of a beautiful sister-to-sister relationship – however she realised that nothing is stronger than a sister bond – and not even Down Syndrome could taint it.  A relationship that is like a lifeline - that is  there through thick and thin.   And I couldnt agree more.
And I look forward to the years to come as our families grow, our children continue to blossom and our marriages mature.  I don’t know where we will be or where we will have come from….but I do know one thing….and that is that we will always be there for each other.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bucket List

Ten years ago, in the kitchen of Heath’s parents, I remember sitting at the dining table surrounded by Heath’s mum and sister.  We were sharing stories and  laughing at each other, all while peeling, chopping, and grating the ingredients for that night’s dinner as the boys worked in the shed.  I vividly remember Garth Brooks played in the background and the conversation stopping in an instant so we could all sing along to our favourite song.  Over the years, so much has been shared in that kitchen and the nine times out of ten – it would be guaranteed that Garth would be playing. 

Now, on cold, frosty mornings – we crank the iPod and dance to Garth Brooks in our kitchen in the cottage.  Macie will have her feet on her Daddy’s as he waltzes her around while I hold on to William and slowly rock backwards and forth while singing gently in his ear.  It usually ends with a family dance as Heath and I mouth to each other "I Love You" while we hold our kids in our arms and slowly dance.  It’s an unofficial tradition and one that Macie loves so much that she now runs to the iPod dock to turn on Garth. 
It’s a tradition that has gone from one household to another….and a tradition that triggers so many amazing memories. 
Memories are such amazing things.  They trigger laughter, smiles, conversations, and tears.  Each and every song of Garths has a story within our family.  We can relate each and every song to a time in our life, whether it be a happy time or an absolutely horrific  time.  No matter what - we can relate. 
So it was only the other day while singing and dancing to our mate Garth, that I turned to Heath and said:
“Hey Babe, I’m going to write a Bucket List.”
Heath smiled his "Here we go with another Han Idea" and said, “Han, you’re only 27 this year.  I think you have heaps of time to write a Bucket List.”
And I replied defiantly, “Age doesn’t matter, if anything, it’s more of a reason to write it and going to a Garth Brooks Concert in Las Vegas is going to be in my Top 10.”
And he didn't see it, but I had tears in my eyes just thinking of the experience. 
So, today, I have made a conscience effort to sit down and write my list.  I may not look at it again for another ten years, or I may continue to add something to it every day.  Who knows? 
All I know is that dreams are such an important part of life – dreams in turn create memories – and my aim is to create as many beautiful memories for me…and my family.    
So here goes....
Han's Bucket List
1.       Go to a Garth Concert in Vegas
2.       Go Scuba Diving  
3.       Jump out of a plane
4.       Pay for someone’s order behind me at a Drive-Through
5.       Buy myself the sexiest and most gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo heels
6.       Visit New York for Christmas
7.       Learn how to fly a plane
8.       Go on an African Safari
9.       Take photography workshops
10.   Take kids on a family holiday somewhere special each and every year of their childhood
11.   Renew our wedding vows in Vegas with an Elvis priest
13.   Sponsor a child
14.   Do volunteer work in a third-world country
15.   Visit the Great Ocean Road
16.   Have a Starbucks in USA
17.   Visit Grand Canyon
18.   Get a boob job
19.   Launch a sky lantern
20.   Learn to play the Forrest Gump Suite on the piano
21.   Learn how to play the Banjo
22.   Leave flowers on someones doorstep
23.   Scatter sunflower seeds in an unused paddock
24.   Make a rainbow cake
25.   Have a walk-in wardrobe
26.   Make a time capsule
27.   Go to a drive through movie
28.   Shave my head for a cure
29.   Have breakfast at Tiffanys
30.   Learn Sign Language
31.   Try every flavour of Cold Rock
32.   Go to a music festival
33.   Go to Octoberfest
34.   Punk Someone
35.   Write a book
36.   See an active volcano
37.   Donate blood
38.   Learn to Surf
39.   Take make-up lessons with a makeup artist
40.   Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
41.   Take kids to Disneyland while they are young enough to enjoy the magic
42.   Be a godparent
43.   Write a Eulogy
44.   Make homemade pasta
45.   Helicopter ride over Niagra Falls
46.   Dancing Lessons with Heath
47.   Keep adding to my bucket list….
oh and last one...

48.  Life is a gift. Never ever forget that.  Hope and pray that I have the priviledge of a long and healthy life to fufil each and every dream.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

12 weeks....

Apologies for the silence of late.  Life has been hectic with Wheat Planting and this Farmers Widow bizzo.  Needless to say - thank goodness the husbo is off the tractor because I was seriously starting to loose my shiz!

In more important news, this little man turned 12 weeks.  Crazy, right?  Didn't I just give birth to him yesterday? 

I shall be back this week to share some of my photography magic with you from a weekend jammed-packed with shoots!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hi Han....

I find it hard to get my head around that people actually read this blog.  Recently, I have had an increasing number of people saying "Hi Han" to me as I walk down the street. 

The scene usually goes something like this:

: Stranger says "Hi Han"  or  "Hi Macie"  or  "Oh look at Will - isn't he getting big!"
: I do my usual "Smile & Wave" trick and turn to Heath and say "Who was that?"
: Heath replies "How the hell would I know....remember you have a blog Han?"
: Then there is a silence where I scan through my memory to try and work out who is saying hello to me!
: Then I go "Pfft - no one reads it anyway" and go on trying to wrangle two kids and do my list of jobs. 

But lately, I can't seem to ignore the increasing number of "Hellos" by all these beautiful people.  I love it because there is nothing more refreshing than walking down the street to be greeted with friendly faces and happy hellos.  It's humbling and surreal.

So, thank you for being so friendly. 
Thank you for being so nice. 
But mostly, thank you for reading my blog. 
You are all amazing - whether I know you or not. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I have everything.

I opened my eyes to find Heath standing at the end of my bed looking a tad worse for wear.  He had been on the dog shift with William since 5am when he took over from me and told me to go back to bed.  I rolled over, looked at my phone, saw the time was only 7.01am and groaned.  "Surely on Mother's Day I can have a sleep-in" I said with a tone laced with a combination of sleep deprevation and annoyance....and the reply "7am is a sleep-in these days" and it's so true.  So I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and went to cuddle my babies on the couch.  I found Macie in her highchair eating her much loved honey toast and William happily in his swing watching the happenings of the cottage. 

For some reason I was acting like a bear with a sore head.  I don't know what I expected when I walked out of the bedroom.  It's not like I wanted a room full of flowers or a helicopter in the front paddock to whisk Heath & I away for the day (ok maybe I wanted the helicopter)....all I wanted was a sleep-in longer than 7.01am.  I cursed myself for being ungrateful - I don't need anything.  I have everything

Next thing Heath and Macie disappear and come back armed with chocolates, cuddles, flowers and a card.  I swallow my bad mood, curse myself again for being a bitch and just realised how grateful I am. 

: A husbo that organises his mum to drive to town to purchase a Mothers Day gift for me even though he has been working 15 hour days on the tractor. 
: A husbo that hides the gifts down at his mum's so I second-guess his romantic gestures
: A husbo that then proceeds to cook me bacon and eggs for breakfast with steaming hot coffee
: A daughter that loves me; and
: A son that declares that I am his world every time I leave his line of vision. 

I have everything.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's wheat planting time here - and that means looooong hours for the husbo and flying solo until it's all finished. 

This is what our nights look like at the moment while I try to feed, bath and dress two kids for bed....then keep them occupied until that glorious 7pm.  Macie is obsessed with books and insists that she reads them to us - and she actually does a really great job!  Even Will loves it!

So there are lots of trips to visit Daddy on the tractor and lots of tears from Macie when we have to leave but it's not forever - and there is nothing more I love than a wheat crop - watching it grown and turn golden! 

Speaking of books - I recently made a massive order of books for the kids through The Book Depository in the UK.  I have to share this website with you - it's cheap and the postage is free.  Too good to be true hey! 

While purchasing these books, I treated myself with two books written by two of my favourite blogs ever....

Stephanie from Nie Nie Dialogues
I purchased it from here

Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things
I purchased it from here
 If you love a good read  - then take yourselves off to these blogs and prepare to be sucked in.  I literally read these blogs daily.  They make me laugh and cry - and they inspire me.

So, now I am itching at the bit for our book order to arrive so I can snuggle under the covers with a hot coffee and escape to another person's world - a world that is so inspirational and beautiful.

And I am hoping that my children learn to love books as much as I do - because there is nothing more satisfying than being engrossed in a book, finishing it and than having a bookcase full of your favourite reads. 

What's your favourite book?

Mr Brown can do it....can you do it too?

One of my favourite blogs ever is Beth from BabyMac. 

If you don't follow her - do it. 

If you do - you will understand what I mean.  Her blog is refreshingly honest and I walk away revitalised and re-energised that I can relate to a beautiful Mum who I don't even 'know'. 

It was today on BabyMac's Facebook page that her status really hit home....

"Lunch making
Bed making
Nappies changed
Kids dressed
Washing on
Dishwasher loading
Clothes on the line
Dishwasher unpacking
Chopping & stacking wood
Lunch making

All before midday!

Women deserve medals for all the stuff they do day in, day out. If no one has told you today, I'm telling you: YOU ARE AMAZING FOR DOING EVERYTHING YOU DO. No really, you are."
It's true.  Even though we have the title of "Stay-at-home-Mum" or even worse "Home Duties"'s bloody hard work.  My days look like this at the moment...
: Wake up at 4am to Will.  Declare to husbo to stay in bed seeing as though he is doing 15hr days on the tractor for Wheat Plant.
: Pass out on spare bed in Will's room after the 4am feed
: Wake up to Heath going to work
: Breakfast for kids
: Skull cold coffee
: Talk with Mum on phone while Macie sings her "Tomorrow" by Annie and I am trying to feed Will.
: Make second round of breakfast for Macie
: Clean Kitchen
: Load dishwasher
: Play with kids
: Put Will to bed
: Bribe Macie with jellybeans in return for no accidents with the toilet training
: Do bookwork while drawing happy and sad faces for Macie on demand
: Try to talk with my sister over the phone in 5 different phone calls to have one conversation
: Put load of washing on
: Make morning tea for Macie
: Take washing off line - put more washing on.
: Let dog off the chain
: Feed the chooks
: Wrangle two year old back inside
: Talk to client/friend on phone - all while having to apologise about my noisy child (and people wonder why I only text & e-mail!)
: Call MIL
: Feed Will
: Make lunch for Macie
: Read "Mr Brown can do it" for the 148th time this week
: Put Macie to bed - with much protest  
: Sucked in to Macies "I need to do a Wee-Wee" excuse to get out of bed
: Put Will to bed
: Escape to the shower while Macie is on the loo - yes people, it's after lunch time. 
: Offer a deal with Macie that she can have a mandarin then bed - she agrees.
: Put Macie to bed - with much protest again. Note to self:  Deals do not work with a 2 year old.
: Decide to crawl into bed myself.  Both kids are quiet.
: Close my eyes - Will cries.  Put dummy in and collapse in bed again.
: Close my eyes - Macie cries.  Get upto Macie and ask for her to go to bed. 
: Finally get a quick kip before Will cries again.  Raise white flag and get Will up. Go to let Macie up too....but she is now asleep.
:  Kids awake.  Head to paddock to drop off a hot coffee to husbo to get him through the 3pm nods.
:  Head to town to collect laptop.  Still not fixed.
:  Head home.  Receive phone call from husbo who needs a part.  Turn around and head back to town.
:  Receive another phonecall from husbo - he has worked out someone else to collect part.  Turn around and back home.
:  Make and put quiche in oven.
:  Bath the kids.
:  Watch ABC kids from the back of my eyelids with the kids
:  Deliver dinner to Heath on the tractor
:  Feed dinner to Macie
:  Read "Mr Brown can do it" for the 149th this week
:  Put Macie to bed
:  Feed Will and put Will to bed.
:  E-mails
:  Dinner
:  The Block
:  Fold Washing
So, next time you think that everything is under control here at the cottage....take off those rose-coloured glasses.  Life here is normal - it's real - it's chaos - sometimes organised but most of the time, it's not. 
But that's the way I like it, love it and live for it. 
And that is what gives me my excuse for a well-deserved rum & coke every single night. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Out of Macie's mouth....

I don't think anything can be as funny as the phrases that are coming out of Macie's mouth at the moment.  She has us in absolute stitches most days and we have to continuously remind ourselves that we have a little parrot that is listening to our E.V.E.R.Y word!

Some of the beauties at the moment.....

When Willy is crying...."It's alright buddy - no crying mate, it'll be OK.  Where's your happy face?  Do I need to help you find it?"...

When Willy is smiling...."Oh look at that Mummy - he is smiling!  Oh aren't you just a darling William!"

"GEDDDOWN"....when the bloody dogs are barking!

"COME ON CHOOKIES"....trying to get the chooks (who think they are dogs) to play with her.

"I'm SO Happy right now" after we had a special takeaway picnic to watch the fireworks at the show.

Heath was home the other day so I took full advantage and went and had a long shower, washed my hair and then straightened it.  I came out of the bedroom and she said "Oh Mummy - you look so beautiful".  Then later on in the morning, I placed my hair up into a ponytail.  Next thing I have Macie running up to me saying "Put your hair out Mummy - it looks so beautiful down!". 

When asked if she has thanked her Daddy she says "Oh Thanks BABE".....I call Heath "Babe"....oh dear!  She proceeded to say "Thanks Babe" to her Great-Grandma the other day.  Eek!

When she smells that Willy has a pooey bum....she will hold her nose and say "THAT'S DISGUSTING WILLIAM!"

If she spots Heath or I with anything in our mouths she will say "Get that out of your mouth right now!  What happens if you swallow it?  It will make your belly go "Ow"!!!". 

and the latest one is....

"I'M HUNGRY"....and she says this all day long!

She makes us laugh, scream, smile and cry - but at the end of the day, she is the most beautiful, delightful, clever and loving little girl that we are so proud to call our daughter.  What a priviledge to watch this little girl grow. 

**  All photos are of "Farmer Macie" who wants to spend her days on the tractor with her Daddy planting the wheat.  She waited by the window yesterday afternoon until he came to pick her up and then spent hours with him.  Seriously special memories. **

Supermoon last night!!  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Old-Fashion Fun

I woke up with the blues today.  I had the tears to match and I couldn't seem to find the sunshine in my day or the spring in my step. 

And then Heath came home and declared that he was taking us all to the Show...he knew it would fill my heart up with whatever was missing....
...and he was right.  It was such a magical few hours as a family - no tears, no tantrums and just plain old-fashioned fun!  These are the kind of afternoons where it makes all worth it.  X