Sunday, May 6, 2012

Out of Macie's mouth....

I don't think anything can be as funny as the phrases that are coming out of Macie's mouth at the moment.  She has us in absolute stitches most days and we have to continuously remind ourselves that we have a little parrot that is listening to our E.V.E.R.Y word!

Some of the beauties at the moment.....

When Willy is crying...."It's alright buddy - no crying mate, it'll be OK.  Where's your happy face?  Do I need to help you find it?"...

When Willy is smiling...."Oh look at that Mummy - he is smiling!  Oh aren't you just a darling William!"

"GEDDDOWN"....when the bloody dogs are barking!

"COME ON CHOOKIES"....trying to get the chooks (who think they are dogs) to play with her.

"I'm SO Happy right now" after we had a special takeaway picnic to watch the fireworks at the show.

Heath was home the other day so I took full advantage and went and had a long shower, washed my hair and then straightened it.  I came out of the bedroom and she said "Oh Mummy - you look so beautiful".  Then later on in the morning, I placed my hair up into a ponytail.  Next thing I have Macie running up to me saying "Put your hair out Mummy - it looks so beautiful down!". 

When asked if she has thanked her Daddy she says "Oh Thanks BABE".....I call Heath "Babe"....oh dear!  She proceeded to say "Thanks Babe" to her Great-Grandma the other day.  Eek!

When she smells that Willy has a pooey bum....she will hold her nose and say "THAT'S DISGUSTING WILLIAM!"

If she spots Heath or I with anything in our mouths she will say "Get that out of your mouth right now!  What happens if you swallow it?  It will make your belly go "Ow"!!!". 

and the latest one is....

"I'M HUNGRY"....and she says this all day long!

She makes us laugh, scream, smile and cry - but at the end of the day, she is the most beautiful, delightful, clever and loving little girl that we are so proud to call our daughter.  What a priviledge to watch this little girl grow. 

**  All photos are of "Farmer Macie" who wants to spend her days on the tractor with her Daddy planting the wheat.  She waited by the window yesterday afternoon until he came to pick her up and then spent hours with him.  Seriously special memories. **

Supermoon last night!!  


  1. Was so lovely to see all 4 of you on Saturday Han. William is just beautiful and Macie stole me heart after that special little cuddle. I raved to Mum about them for a good 20 minutes after seeing you. What a gorgeous family you are.

  2. Oh Nome - it was so lovely to see you too. Thanks for your beautiful comment. Makes those loooong days worthwhile! :)