Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's wheat planting time here - and that means looooong hours for the husbo and flying solo until it's all finished. 

This is what our nights look like at the moment while I try to feed, bath and dress two kids for bed....then keep them occupied until that glorious 7pm.  Macie is obsessed with books and insists that she reads them to us - and she actually does a really great job!  Even Will loves it!

So there are lots of trips to visit Daddy on the tractor and lots of tears from Macie when we have to leave but it's not forever - and there is nothing more I love than a wheat crop - watching it grown and turn golden! 

Speaking of books - I recently made a massive order of books for the kids through The Book Depository in the UK.  I have to share this website with you - it's cheap and the postage is free.  Too good to be true hey! 

While purchasing these books, I treated myself with two books written by two of my favourite blogs ever....

Stephanie from Nie Nie Dialogues
I purchased it from here

Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things
I purchased it from here
 If you love a good read  - then take yourselves off to these blogs and prepare to be sucked in.  I literally read these blogs daily.  They make me laugh and cry - and they inspire me.

So, now I am itching at the bit for our book order to arrive so I can snuggle under the covers with a hot coffee and escape to another person's world - a world that is so inspirational and beautiful.

And I am hoping that my children learn to love books as much as I do - because there is nothing more satisfying than being engrossed in a book, finishing it and than having a bookcase full of your favourite reads. 

What's your favourite book?

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