Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mr Brown can do it....can you do it too?

One of my favourite blogs ever is Beth from BabyMac. 

If you don't follow her - do it. 

If you do - you will understand what I mean.  Her blog is refreshingly honest and I walk away revitalised and re-energised that I can relate to a beautiful Mum who I don't even 'know'. 

It was today on BabyMac's Facebook page that her status really hit home....

"Lunch making
Bed making
Nappies changed
Kids dressed
Washing on
Dishwasher loading
Clothes on the line
Dishwasher unpacking
Chopping & stacking wood
Lunch making

All before midday!

Women deserve medals for all the stuff they do day in, day out. If no one has told you today, I'm telling you: YOU ARE AMAZING FOR DOING EVERYTHING YOU DO. No really, you are."
It's true.  Even though we have the title of "Stay-at-home-Mum" or even worse "Home Duties"'s bloody hard work.  My days look like this at the moment...
: Wake up at 4am to Will.  Declare to husbo to stay in bed seeing as though he is doing 15hr days on the tractor for Wheat Plant.
: Pass out on spare bed in Will's room after the 4am feed
: Wake up to Heath going to work
: Breakfast for kids
: Skull cold coffee
: Talk with Mum on phone while Macie sings her "Tomorrow" by Annie and I am trying to feed Will.
: Make second round of breakfast for Macie
: Clean Kitchen
: Load dishwasher
: Play with kids
: Put Will to bed
: Bribe Macie with jellybeans in return for no accidents with the toilet training
: Do bookwork while drawing happy and sad faces for Macie on demand
: Try to talk with my sister over the phone in 5 different phone calls to have one conversation
: Put load of washing on
: Make morning tea for Macie
: Take washing off line - put more washing on.
: Let dog off the chain
: Feed the chooks
: Wrangle two year old back inside
: Talk to client/friend on phone - all while having to apologise about my noisy child (and people wonder why I only text & e-mail!)
: Call MIL
: Feed Will
: Make lunch for Macie
: Read "Mr Brown can do it" for the 148th time this week
: Put Macie to bed - with much protest  
: Sucked in to Macies "I need to do a Wee-Wee" excuse to get out of bed
: Put Will to bed
: Escape to the shower while Macie is on the loo - yes people, it's after lunch time. 
: Offer a deal with Macie that she can have a mandarin then bed - she agrees.
: Put Macie to bed - with much protest again. Note to self:  Deals do not work with a 2 year old.
: Decide to crawl into bed myself.  Both kids are quiet.
: Close my eyes - Will cries.  Put dummy in and collapse in bed again.
: Close my eyes - Macie cries.  Get upto Macie and ask for her to go to bed. 
: Finally get a quick kip before Will cries again.  Raise white flag and get Will up. Go to let Macie up too....but she is now asleep.
:  Kids awake.  Head to paddock to drop off a hot coffee to husbo to get him through the 3pm nods.
:  Head to town to collect laptop.  Still not fixed.
:  Head home.  Receive phone call from husbo who needs a part.  Turn around and head back to town.
:  Receive another phonecall from husbo - he has worked out someone else to collect part.  Turn around and back home.
:  Make and put quiche in oven.
:  Bath the kids.
:  Watch ABC kids from the back of my eyelids with the kids
:  Deliver dinner to Heath on the tractor
:  Feed dinner to Macie
:  Read "Mr Brown can do it" for the 149th this week
:  Put Macie to bed
:  Feed Will and put Will to bed.
:  E-mails
:  Dinner
:  The Block
:  Fold Washing
So, next time you think that everything is under control here at the cottage....take off those rose-coloured glasses.  Life here is normal - it's real - it's chaos - sometimes organised but most of the time, it's not. 
But that's the way I like it, love it and live for it. 
And that is what gives me my excuse for a well-deserved rum & coke every single night. 


  1. I'm EXHAUSTED just reading this! I love it too, as tiring as it is.

  2. So so true... Good on you - doing a great job!! its nice to know we are all in the same boat x