Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bucket List

Ten years ago, in the kitchen of Heath’s parents, I remember sitting at the dining table surrounded by Heath’s mum and sister.  We were sharing stories and  laughing at each other, all while peeling, chopping, and grating the ingredients for that night’s dinner as the boys worked in the shed.  I vividly remember Garth Brooks played in the background and the conversation stopping in an instant so we could all sing along to our favourite song.  Over the years, so much has been shared in that kitchen and the nine times out of ten – it would be guaranteed that Garth would be playing. 

Now, on cold, frosty mornings – we crank the iPod and dance to Garth Brooks in our kitchen in the cottage.  Macie will have her feet on her Daddy’s as he waltzes her around while I hold on to William and slowly rock backwards and forth while singing gently in his ear.  It usually ends with a family dance as Heath and I mouth to each other "I Love You" while we hold our kids in our arms and slowly dance.  It’s an unofficial tradition and one that Macie loves so much that she now runs to the iPod dock to turn on Garth. 
It’s a tradition that has gone from one household to another….and a tradition that triggers so many amazing memories. 
Memories are such amazing things.  They trigger laughter, smiles, conversations, and tears.  Each and every song of Garths has a story within our family.  We can relate each and every song to a time in our life, whether it be a happy time or an absolutely horrific  time.  No matter what - we can relate. 
So it was only the other day while singing and dancing to our mate Garth, that I turned to Heath and said:
“Hey Babe, I’m going to write a Bucket List.”
Heath smiled his "Here we go with another Han Idea" and said, “Han, you’re only 27 this year.  I think you have heaps of time to write a Bucket List.”
And I replied defiantly, “Age doesn’t matter, if anything, it’s more of a reason to write it and going to a Garth Brooks Concert in Las Vegas is going to be in my Top 10.”
And he didn't see it, but I had tears in my eyes just thinking of the experience. 
So, today, I have made a conscience effort to sit down and write my list.  I may not look at it again for another ten years, or I may continue to add something to it every day.  Who knows? 
All I know is that dreams are such an important part of life – dreams in turn create memories – and my aim is to create as many beautiful memories for me…and my family.    
So here goes....
Han's Bucket List
1.       Go to a Garth Concert in Vegas
2.       Go Scuba Diving  
3.       Jump out of a plane
4.       Pay for someone’s order behind me at a Drive-Through
5.       Buy myself the sexiest and most gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo heels
6.       Visit New York for Christmas
7.       Learn how to fly a plane
8.       Go on an African Safari
9.       Take photography workshops
10.   Take kids on a family holiday somewhere special each and every year of their childhood
11.   Renew our wedding vows in Vegas with an Elvis priest
13.   Sponsor a child
14.   Do volunteer work in a third-world country
15.   Visit the Great Ocean Road
16.   Have a Starbucks in USA
17.   Visit Grand Canyon
18.   Get a boob job
19.   Launch a sky lantern
20.   Learn to play the Forrest Gump Suite on the piano
21.   Learn how to play the Banjo
22.   Leave flowers on someones doorstep
23.   Scatter sunflower seeds in an unused paddock
24.   Make a rainbow cake
25.   Have a walk-in wardrobe
26.   Make a time capsule
27.   Go to a drive through movie
28.   Shave my head for a cure
29.   Have breakfast at Tiffanys
30.   Learn Sign Language
31.   Try every flavour of Cold Rock
32.   Go to a music festival
33.   Go to Octoberfest
34.   Punk Someone
35.   Write a book
36.   See an active volcano
37.   Donate blood
38.   Learn to Surf
39.   Take make-up lessons with a makeup artist
40.   Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
41.   Take kids to Disneyland while they are young enough to enjoy the magic
42.   Be a godparent
43.   Write a Eulogy
44.   Make homemade pasta
45.   Helicopter ride over Niagra Falls
46.   Dancing Lessons with Heath
47.   Keep adding to my bucket list….
oh and last one...

48.  Life is a gift. Never ever forget that.  Hope and pray that I have the priviledge of a long and healthy life to fufil each and every dream.

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  1. Wow! Hannah that is SOME list! Boob job? Really?! And shave your head? Wow, braver than me! A lot of those I think you could do in one fell swoop on a US holiday :) And have you never donated blood? You must! I am sad to say I've never been to the great ocean road either - and I grew up in Victoria!!! A few of yours I've already done, I'm a godparent, I've (unfortunately) written a eulogy, I've been to Disneyland as a kid (does that count?), I kiiind of know sign language, I've had breakfast at Tiffany's (yes really!), I've been to many a music festival and I've done aid work in a third world country. BUT...I am yet to see Garth in Vegas - meet you there? :)