Monday, May 14, 2012

Hi Han....

I find it hard to get my head around that people actually read this blog.  Recently, I have had an increasing number of people saying "Hi Han" to me as I walk down the street. 

The scene usually goes something like this:

: Stranger says "Hi Han"  or  "Hi Macie"  or  "Oh look at Will - isn't he getting big!"
: I do my usual "Smile & Wave" trick and turn to Heath and say "Who was that?"
: Heath replies "How the hell would I know....remember you have a blog Han?"
: Then there is a silence where I scan through my memory to try and work out who is saying hello to me!
: Then I go "Pfft - no one reads it anyway" and go on trying to wrangle two kids and do my list of jobs. 

But lately, I can't seem to ignore the increasing number of "Hellos" by all these beautiful people.  I love it because there is nothing more refreshing than walking down the street to be greeted with friendly faces and happy hellos.  It's humbling and surreal.

So, thank you for being so friendly. 
Thank you for being so nice. 
But mostly, thank you for reading my blog. 
You are all amazing - whether I know you or not. 


  1. Hi Han :)
    I'd definitely say hi if I met you down the street. I used to get the same (back in the good ol' blogging days!) and a lot of friends of friends knew me/our house/our wedding etc. Surreal.

  2. Mwah X
    Lovin your blogs :)

    Aunty Kylie

  3. and I love it when you leave comments!!! Missing you Kyles. Catch up sooooon. X