About Dalli

I am a wife. Mum. Daughter. Sister. Writer. Friend. Seamstress – and my latest title is…a Photographer. I have no accreditations to my name. I have not been to Photography School. I am just lucky enough to have a creative soul and my photography is my outlet. It’s a passion and I am grateful enough that my photography portfolio has grown purely by word of mouth.

My family consists of my beautiful, hardworking husbo Heath and our two delightful children - Macie and William. We live in our little cottage on Heath’s family farm {“Wondalli”} in Goondiwindi – on the Queensland/New South Wales Border and that is where the name “Dalli Cottage” was born. My family is my life and are my constant inspiration for my photography. After having Macie in 2009, I started to pick up the camera more often to capture the beauty of her childhood. The giggles, the laughs and the milestones….and my photography has grown from there. Then William arrived…and I suppose the rest is history!

Over the past 12 months, I have been asked to photograph glowing pregnant Mamas, beautiful newborn babies, loving families and cheeky siblings. I have watched the magic unfold before my lens and find nothing more rewarding than being able to capture the magic and bottle it in the form of a photograph.

A photograph that captures a moment in time.

It’s my job to capture the magic….and because of that, I believe I have the best job in the world. .

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