Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mimi visits....

Well Bambino's due date has arrived....and I have a feeling that it will come and go - with a few days added.  Surprisingly, I am feeling OK about it.  He will come when he is ready although the little 'phantom' pains are definitely keeping me on my toes and constantly wondering 'Is this it?'.

My mama is out to visit today and will be staying for a few nights.  I always try to be the 'independent' one who reassures her that "I'm fine" and to not worry.  But a few days ago after a long day with Macie, I asked her to come and stay - and thankfully she jumped at the chance.  The husbo will be back harvesting today, so it will be nice to have the company and the help.  Chasing after a very determined and increasingly naughty 2 year old at full-term is starting to prove to be a challenge!!

We are so lucky to have fantastic family who are so willing to drop everything at a moments notice for us.  Heath's mum has been keeping her phone religiously on her hip waiting for 'the phonecall' incase she has to race up to look after Macie while we head to the hospital!  My sister texts religiously every morning & afternoon to 'check' on me and Heath's sister is dying of anticipation for the little bambinos arrival!!   It's nice to know that we have the support and love that families so selflessly hand out.  I looked at my phone yesterday to have 13 missed calls and texts from friends.....that's pretty special!  And just for the record...I'm not ignoring you....I made the fatal mistake of downloading new apps for Macie on my phone and have not seen it since!!

Now I am off to keep Macie entertained until Mimi arrives.....she woke us up this morning by going to the fridge, grabbing the egg carton and proceeding to crack the shells (thankfully the used ones) until Heath realised what that noise was!!!!!  I am happy to report that my hormones made me laugh at the situation....if it was yesterday, I would have sat on the floor and cried for a good 5 minutes about it. 

But as they say....the day is only new! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Reality vs Dreams

I love my child.  The endless, devoted mother kind of love that can handle any kind of element.  The strong, unbreakable kind.  The unlimited, overflowing kind. 

My child is spirited with a healthy pinch of naughty.  She is funny yet cheeky.  She is clever yet ignorant.  She is demanding yet independent.  And the list goes on....

I like to be on top of my game with my darling child.  The game that constantly changes.  I like to know the tricks to get her to quit a tantrum in record time, or to be able to whisper something in her ear and she knows I mean business.  I like to wheel & deal with her - bribery and corruption in the child-like form.  I like to be like this in a perfect world.  No world is perfect and I have to admit that I am completely behind the 8-Ball.

After a horror morning at the pool where her ignorance overrode her cleverness and her rudeness overrode her funniness.....I just want to imagine myself here.....

With my hearing aids out - iPod in playing a touch of Adele, new magazine collection, Chanel bubble bath and no interupptions from my darling child to point out my big belly or my "wee wee". 

Instead, we are watching endless DVDs of Peppa Pig and swigging on orange juice. 

Don't you love it when reality bites into your dreams? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeling the pinch....

The bambino is still baking happily while his Mummy is not so patiently awaiting his arrival.  His Daddy is happy that he is taking his time due to work commitments on the farm.....and as for his little sister - she is getting pretty annoyed that this huge big belly is getting in the way of cuddles and smooches on the couch. 

His Daddy decided to declare last night that "It would be really good if he could wait a few more days, because he is feeling the ***Insert Over-Exaggerated Bunny Fingers Here*** "PINCH" " with spraying on the farm....

His mummy's response minus a few F's......was "I've been pregnant for 9 months....and I can assure you that I am feeling more than a "PINCH"......

Needless to say, I was right - he was wrong....and he has kicked himself for even trying to start a fight with a heavily pregnant me!  I love his guts so can never stay cross with him for too long! 

It's just my luck that things have dried up here on the farm....and with rain and sunshine comes a ridiculous abundance of weeds - and with weeds, comes a combination of long days spraying and a growing hatred towards the Agronomist who issued the Rec Sheet.  Along with the spraying, the Sorghum is happily drying off ready to be harvested.  I put $50 on the fact that this baby decides to greet us when the header takes that first cut.....because that is just the way my babies roll!  Macie arrived right in the middle of Wheat Harvest ' I won't be surprised if her little Bro decides to arrive in the middle of Sorghum Harvest '12. 

Gorgeous pic captured by the Husbo. 
But, I am happy to report that Macie & I have spent the week happily keeping ourselves busy with swimming fiestas, dates with guinea pigs at the Library, and long mornings at the Park where the kids run themselves ragged and their Mummies get to talk themselves silly.  I am so thankful for my friends who are keeping me busy and entertained....maybe they can see that I am slowly going insane.  My mum and sister arrive tomorrow for the day and then the weekend is ours to fill up with fun and games....

Isn't it amazing that you can be pregnant for 9 months and then the last few days seem to be like eternity?  Like you are ready to start the next book in your favourite series but the author hasn't released it yet.....Or when you are craving a special dish but don't have the integral ingredient....and then it's all you can think about.  Exaggeration?  Me?  No way.

In the meantime, I am just going to soak up my 5.50am morning snuggles from my girl....and maybe give my husband a few "PINCHES"....just to remind him never to mess with a pregnant Hannah!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My favs....

With birth iminent...I am a tad addicted to beautiful blogs showcasing gorgeous birth stories.  Warning to those who are squirmish - this may not be for you. 

Here are just a few of my favourites....

We Live Young - the birth story of Alba.  Seriously gorgeous photos and story.  I found myself completely engrossed in the whole blog.  Definitely a new favourite.

Birth Without Fear - absolutely love this story about the birth of these darling little twins!  With one coming out feet first!!  Freakin amazing! 

Life with Soul - you all know how much I love Amy and her philosphy on life and birth.

C. Jane, Enjoy It:  Another beauty!  C.Jane is sisters with Nie Nie who I follow religiously too! 

After reading these stories, I found my impatience fading away.  Our baby will arrive when he is ready.  Impatience is only going to make the next few weeks awful for me and my darling family.  It's time to embrace what nature has in store for me and let my body do her her own space, and time.

Do you have a favourite birth story?  Or one of your own?  I would love for you to share!  X

Monday, February 6, 2012


So yes....we are still waiting patiently for Baby Mac to arrive.  I know - I still have 2 weeks to go until I even hit my due date but I was always certain that he would arrive early.  I bet I am still waiting in 4 weeks time for him to arrive!!  I am begging my midwife for a natural (no induction) birth so hopefully he decides to arrive soon. 

Life at the cottage has been wet, miserable and boring.  It feels like we are stuck on "Groundhog Day" with the mud, mossies and hot weather.  Usually we try to get away for weekends to visit our friends and family but due to Baby Mac's imminent arrival - we have been sticking close to home....and franky we are bored out of our minds!

We have been fishing....

We have been cheering on Pa at the Hell of the West Tri in Goondiwindi.  Seriously, we were so proud of him!  80km ride, no drafting and he did SO well!  Macie was so excited to see him and cheer him on!

We have been jumping in puddles (thanks for the photos Ma!)

And we have been enjoying the performances of this lovely two year old....we have some performances in front of Young Talent Time with her microphone and her little dance which are hilarious....and then we have the ultimate performances which are usually in public if she isn't getting her own way.  Welcome to the Terrible Twos Mum & Dad!! 

Butter wouldn't melt right?