Monday, February 6, 2012


So yes....we are still waiting patiently for Baby Mac to arrive.  I know - I still have 2 weeks to go until I even hit my due date but I was always certain that he would arrive early.  I bet I am still waiting in 4 weeks time for him to arrive!!  I am begging my midwife for a natural (no induction) birth so hopefully he decides to arrive soon. 

Life at the cottage has been wet, miserable and boring.  It feels like we are stuck on "Groundhog Day" with the mud, mossies and hot weather.  Usually we try to get away for weekends to visit our friends and family but due to Baby Mac's imminent arrival - we have been sticking close to home....and franky we are bored out of our minds!

We have been fishing....

We have been cheering on Pa at the Hell of the West Tri in Goondiwindi.  Seriously, we were so proud of him!  80km ride, no drafting and he did SO well!  Macie was so excited to see him and cheer him on!

We have been jumping in puddles (thanks for the photos Ma!)

And we have been enjoying the performances of this lovely two year old....we have some performances in front of Young Talent Time with her microphone and her little dance which are hilarious....and then we have the ultimate performances which are usually in public if she isn't getting her own way.  Welcome to the Terrible Twos Mum & Dad!! 

Butter wouldn't melt right?

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