Friday, February 17, 2012

Reality vs Dreams

I love my child.  The endless, devoted mother kind of love that can handle any kind of element.  The strong, unbreakable kind.  The unlimited, overflowing kind. 

My child is spirited with a healthy pinch of naughty.  She is funny yet cheeky.  She is clever yet ignorant.  She is demanding yet independent.  And the list goes on....

I like to be on top of my game with my darling child.  The game that constantly changes.  I like to know the tricks to get her to quit a tantrum in record time, or to be able to whisper something in her ear and she knows I mean business.  I like to wheel & deal with her - bribery and corruption in the child-like form.  I like to be like this in a perfect world.  No world is perfect and I have to admit that I am completely behind the 8-Ball.

After a horror morning at the pool where her ignorance overrode her cleverness and her rudeness overrode her funniness.....I just want to imagine myself here.....

With my hearing aids out - iPod in playing a touch of Adele, new magazine collection, Chanel bubble bath and no interupptions from my darling child to point out my big belly or my "wee wee". 

Instead, we are watching endless DVDs of Peppa Pig and swigging on orange juice. 

Don't you love it when reality bites into your dreams? 

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