Friday, November 30, 2012

On the first day of Christmas....

Santa's visit and the arrival of Elf was a huge hit.  As the kids law goes - Macie fell asleep in the car on the way home but was quickly awake and excited as soon as she got word that Santa had visited the cottage while she was gone.  Willsy was very excited too....;)

Then she realised that Santa left a present under the tree.....a book all about his special "Someone" that he left for the month of Christmas....
To be honest, I didn't know how Elf would go down....but she declared that she loves him.  And then lovingly named him "Bruce" (you have to name your Elf).
And then she realised that Santa's snow footprints actually taste like icing that really was the icing on the cake!! (Pardon the pun!)
It was hilarious as when Willsy decided to blow bubbles with his dinner last night, Macie very seriously said to him "Mate, watch out - Bruce is watching and he will tell Santa.  Be good Willsy".  Heath & I couldn't hold our laughter with that one! 
So this morning, we were awoken by "DADDDY - BRUUUCE IS HIDING!!!!".  She then proceeded to run to our room, grab Heath out of bed and just had to show him. 
And Bruce the Elf bought back something very special - because if you are a good kids then you get special things. 
God I love Christmas...I wonder what Bruce the Elf will have up his sleeve for tomorrow?

As for today - we are off to endure the heat wave that has hit the cottage.  Maybe I should have a quiet word with Bruce the Elf and ask for a Winter Wonderland....

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Santa Drop-Off

Obviously the most important part of Christmas, is writing a letter to Santa.  So yesterday, I sat down with Moo and we got down to business.

She dictated, I wrote.....
and then she decided that she was too interested in cutting the paper to make paper chains. May I add, since when did my baby become so clever with scissors? Seriously, I was freaking out - blurting out random "Watch your fingers"...."Are you sure you don't want Mummy to do it?"...."Please be careful"......and she stopped....grabbed my face with her tiny hands and looked me in the eyes. She said very slowly and very careful "Mum -". Enough said.
So today, while Macie played at Daycare and William didn't know what was going on, Santa came to visit to decorate our house and deliver a very special "someone" for our darling children.
He placed a wreath on the door, put the Christmas tree up, decorated and made the cottage feel very festive.
He left a special present under the tree.....a book explaining all about his special someone....
and I wonder who that special "someone" will be???
And for now....we are off to town to pick up Macie.  I am beyond excitement....and I know that she will be too!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.....

If I had to choose one of my happiest childhood memories - it is without fail, Christmas.  Each and every year. 

My parents used to create this magical, mystical and amazing Christmas for my sister and I every single year.  Everything we did was so happy, so fun and most importantly, memorable.

If there is anything I want to do as a parent - it is to create these same memories for my babies.  Obviously Willsy is a little young for all the hype but Macie is sooo excited.  We only have to see Santa in the catalogues and she goes all goo-goo!  It makes my heart warm and fuzzy to see her innocence in full force.

So, this year - I've decided to create what I always talk about.  I'm going to create MAGIC for my children each and every day of Advent.

Instead of just an Advent Calendar from the shops - we've created an Advent Calendar box. 
It will sit proudly in the house with a new activity, gift and note from Santa every single day for Macie and William.....and I've got a good 2 days to get organised before the 1st of December dawns on me.  I'm talking Christmas Craft, Gingerbread Houses, Paper Chains, Candy Cane Treasure Hunts, Santa Sightings.....and yes my husbo is rolling his eyes at me but then reassures me "The kids are so lucky to have you Han!". 
Not only will it create magic.  But it will also force me to step away from the hussle and bussle of life - and enjoy my darling children.

It's starting to feel a bit like Christmas about you? 

The end product.....a bit of mod podge and a few ripped up magazines and VOILA.  Lots & Lots of Fun. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Wondalli Carnival

I have been meaning to write about Macie's Third Carnival Birthday Party but this past few months have just run away from me. 

We always said that we would always do a party for my darling babies every two years.....she had such a wonderful time - even with the heat and flies (I'm talking thousands of flies).....and lots of memories were made.

Here is a little visual of the day...


Each and every child went home with a lolly box filled with toys and goodies.  There was also popcorn for the kids and the lolly jars were there for the big adults kids to take for the roadtrip home. 
Macie is so very lucky to have so many amazing people in her life. Her Godfather and his wife dressed as clowns for the day and Macie's eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw them. They even went above and beyond as they learnt to make balloon animals for every single child. It was magical.

We also organised Macie's very devoted Pa (and clever photographer) to take photos of everyone in a Photo Booth!  The photos are classic!

I had huge plans of having the desserts table, food table, etc like all the parties on the gorgeous blogs....but the reality of living on a farm in the heat with the flies and all the other elements made this not happen!  I always stress about entertaining.  I wonder what people will think of our humble little cottage (which should be treated like any human..."Its who lives on the inside that counts!") and it makes me all stressy!

But for some reason, all the stress disappeared and I just took a step back to appreciate everything around us.  People travelled so far and wide just for the afternoon.  Our backyard was filled with people who love us, support us and most importantly, adore our little girl who has the biggest heart and personality.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us on this special day for Macie.  Heaths parents were so fantastic and managed to capture all of these photos for us.  We had friends and family travel out early to help with putting up the marquee, jumping castle and all the final finishes. 

It was a massive day filled with many laughs, flies and overflowing champagne! 

Hopefully it was a day that Macie will remember as she grows into a beautiful young lady.

Love you to the moon & back Moo.