Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.....

If I had to choose one of my happiest childhood memories - it is without fail, Christmas.  Each and every year. 

My parents used to create this magical, mystical and amazing Christmas for my sister and I every single year.  Everything we did was so happy, so fun and most importantly, memorable.

If there is anything I want to do as a parent - it is to create these same memories for my babies.  Obviously Willsy is a little young for all the hype but Macie is sooo excited.  We only have to see Santa in the catalogues and she goes all goo-goo!  It makes my heart warm and fuzzy to see her innocence in full force.

So, this year - I've decided to create what I always talk about.  I'm going to create MAGIC for my children each and every day of Advent.

Instead of just an Advent Calendar from the shops - we've created an Advent Calendar box. 
It will sit proudly in the house with a new activity, gift and note from Santa every single day for Macie and William.....and I've got a good 2 days to get organised before the 1st of December dawns on me.  I'm talking Christmas Craft, Gingerbread Houses, Paper Chains, Candy Cane Treasure Hunts, Santa Sightings.....and yes my husbo is rolling his eyes at me but then reassures me "The kids are so lucky to have you Han!". 
Not only will it create magic.  But it will also force me to step away from the hussle and bussle of life - and enjoy my darling children.

It's starting to feel a bit like Christmas here.....how about you? 

The end product.....a bit of mod podge and a few ripped up magazines and VOILA.  Lots & Lots of Fun. 

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