Friday, November 30, 2012

On the first day of Christmas....

Santa's visit and the arrival of Elf was a huge hit.  As the kids law goes - Macie fell asleep in the car on the way home but was quickly awake and excited as soon as she got word that Santa had visited the cottage while she was gone.  Willsy was very excited too....;)

Then she realised that Santa left a present under the tree.....a book all about his special "Someone" that he left for the month of Christmas....
To be honest, I didn't know how Elf would go down....but she declared that she loves him.  And then lovingly named him "Bruce" (you have to name your Elf).
And then she realised that Santa's snow footprints actually taste like icing that really was the icing on the cake!! (Pardon the pun!)
It was hilarious as when Willsy decided to blow bubbles with his dinner last night, Macie very seriously said to him "Mate, watch out - Bruce is watching and he will tell Santa.  Be good Willsy".  Heath & I couldn't hold our laughter with that one! 
So this morning, we were awoken by "DADDDY - BRUUUCE IS HIDING!!!!".  She then proceeded to run to our room, grab Heath out of bed and just had to show him. 
And Bruce the Elf bought back something very special - because if you are a good kids then you get special things. 
God I love Christmas...I wonder what Bruce the Elf will have up his sleeve for tomorrow?

As for today - we are off to endure the heat wave that has hit the cottage.  Maybe I should have a quiet word with Bruce the Elf and ask for a Winter Wonderland....

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