Thursday, November 29, 2012

Santa Drop-Off

Obviously the most important part of Christmas, is writing a letter to Santa.  So yesterday, I sat down with Moo and we got down to business.

She dictated, I wrote.....
and then she decided that she was too interested in cutting the paper to make paper chains. May I add, since when did my baby become so clever with scissors? Seriously, I was freaking out - blurting out random "Watch your fingers"...."Are you sure you don't want Mummy to do it?"...."Please be careful"......and she stopped....grabbed my face with her tiny hands and looked me in the eyes. She said very slowly and very careful "Mum -". Enough said.
So today, while Macie played at Daycare and William didn't know what was going on, Santa came to visit to decorate our house and deliver a very special "someone" for our darling children.
He placed a wreath on the door, put the Christmas tree up, decorated and made the cottage feel very festive.
He left a special present under the tree.....a book explaining all about his special someone....
and I wonder who that special "someone" will be???
And for now....we are off to town to pick up Macie.  I am beyond excitement....and I know that she will be too!

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