Saturday, December 1, 2012

On the second day of Christmas...

On the second day of Christmas, Bruce the Elf was found getting into the Country Spirit and bucking on Daddy's replica horses! 

And for the Second Day of Advent.....Bruce the Elf left a fun activity (which is so damn easy to do!)....

All you need is:
1.  1 length of paper that fits around your childs head (like a headband)
2.  1 piece of brown paper to trace your childs hands - as this makes the antlers of the reindeer.
3.  2 round black dots (I just cut these from black paper)
4.  2 small white dots
5.  1 big red dot
6.  A stapler
7.  Scissors
8.  Glue

Firstly, measure the long length of paper to fit your childs head and staple together.  Trace your childs hands and then cut them out.  Staple the antlers onto the headband and then add the eyes and nose to make your RUDOLPH!  So so easy and so so much fun!

The talk around the cottage is that Bruce the Elf has the hots for that case, I better go and make sure she is all dressed pretty for her hot date tonight!

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