Monday, December 17, 2012

Jingle Bells....

Over the past week, I have had the moral dilemma of wanting to give my children everything for Christmas and being stung with the attitude.  Obviously - when I say children - I mean that Macie gets the attitude and Willsy gets the poops because of the attitude. 

So, as a result of a whopper tantrum down the main street and a few other little incidents - I took a few steps away from doing something ultra special every day.  Instead of doing things "Just Cause" - I started to do things as a reward for Macie being awesome.

Don't get me wrong.  This darling little girl is awesome the majority of the time.  She is funny, cheeky and confident.  Sometimes all these attributes overflow to create a deadly combination - something we need to ensure that is reigned in at all times.  One of the biggest rules in our house is that we all get rewarded for good things.  We don't want our kids to be bratty and spoilted.  We want them to be appreciative and loving.  Such important qualities in life.

With saying that, there has been some serious Christmas Cheer going on in the cottage.  A trip to town to do the Christmas Lights (Willsy was not impressed by this at all), Daycare Santa BBQs and recitals, trip to Toowoomba to visit the fam before Christmas, and obviously - Bruce is still a major part of the family too.
Now I have to be honest.  I had my last photo session last Tuesday for the year of 2012.  I did over 40 sessions for 2012, plus had a baby, played wife to a very busy husbo, blah blah blah.  I am physically and emotionally spent.  Needless to say, once those images were edited and handed out to my clients - I crashed.  One night I was asleep on the couch in no less than 2 minutes after putting the kids to bed.  Another night, it was at least 10 minutes later!  I am soooo exhausted.  So most nights in the last week, Bruce has been quickly placed somewhere in the middle of the night while I drag my sorry-self to bed. 

We have done lots of little activities over the past few days (photos courtesy of my iPhone)....
A little wreath for Moo's door. 
Moo's cheering squad at her little recital for Daycare.  My kids are so damn lucky to have these gorgeous people in their lives. 
Little Canvas' for gifts! 
DIY Decorations.
DIY Gingerbread Trains. 
Cute Christmas Mobiles!
Thank god for the Husbo hiding Elf while I snore and drool on the couch!
Posting Santa Letters
After a busy weekend away and another busy weekend/Christmas ahead of us - I have declared the cottage a hibernation zone.  2012 - as amazing as it has been - has crept up on us and we are exhausted.  We are going to hang at home and recentre. Tomorrow we are going to be singing carols, making rum balls, Santa cookies and special snow globes.  It's time to step back and appreciate my gorgeous little family in all their glory. 
For they will only be little for such a short time. 
Bruce is totally busted like all the rest of us!

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