Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dont forget the Reindeers....

Another day of hibernation here.  Yes, yes - my children are going bonkers but it's so important to wind down before we hit the Silly Season in full force.  Come tomorrow and it's something to celebrate every day for the next week. 

But today, we got down to business and did the really, really important stuff.
Reindeer Food. 

It's an important ritual really.  We can't let Santa or his crew get hungry.
Reindeer Food consists of the following:

Snow (Coconut)
Candy Canes
and Magic (Sparkles)
Of course we had the little hands in the candy canes....but it is now all packaged up and ready for us to take to Mimi & Poppys to spread on their lawn for Christmas Eve.  I'm sure Poppy can't wait for us to 'fertilise' his lush lawn with only the best.  Right Poppy?
Tomorrow it's Santa Cookies - even though Macie has advised me that Santa needs a beer (because only guys with beards drink beers ya know), a vegemite sandwich and some cheese.  How can I say no to that!!

A bit hard to digest that it's only 6 days until Christmas.....what are you guys up to?

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