Thursday, December 6, 2012

9 months....

This little guy turned 9 months old recently. 

It's all a bit hard to believe.  It only feels like yesterday as I was rocking on the fitball in labour and anticipating his arrival.  He has completed our family 100% and it's so fufilling knowing that we are now a happy and content family.
In all the latest blog posts that I have done, Poor Willsy is asleep.  He doesn't deal with arts & craft too well....always ends up trying to eat the glue or attack Bruce which results in tears from Macie and then it's a domino effect!
- He is cheeky and funny.
- He loves a good game.
- He grunts at Macie when she starts singing like a Rockstar.
- He is a Swiper from way back.  Just the other day he swiped a gecko that Heath was trying to 'relocate' and ended up trying to eat it.
- He will eat almost anything....mud, dirt, geckos and all.
- He is snuggly and most definitely a Mum & Dad boy.  He clings on for all life when someone else tries to take him.
- Any oppurtunity he sees, he can & will pull Macies hair.
- He is rough and tough.  We always thought Macie was a bruiser but Will is taking the definition of that word to new heights.
- He is on the move - usually heading straight for the Christmas Tree!  Four decorations have become casualties as a result of his movements.
- He is a real home body - happy when he is in his safe place with his nearest and dearest.
- He is completely content being on a tractor, bike, quad.
We love you the moon and back - and then back again.  X

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