Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Christmas is really about....

As I scroll through the photos of Christmas - I feel grateful, lucky and blessed. 
I see nothing but family who surround us with love, friendship and support. 
I feel every ounce of their love for not only me but for my beautiful little family.
(Collection of images by Paul & I)
It brings me back to Christmas Eve as I sat in Church for the Christmas mass while my babies were safely tucked into bed with Heath.  The priest's sermon struck me as he begged for us to search and find for the real meaning of Christmas and not to be disappointed when the festive season doesn't turn out the way you had planned - when the children dismiss the presents, the sugar highs create tantrums and the hype ends before it even gets the chance to start. 
He begged us to look past the commercialism, the presents, the food and the hype.....and really see what Christmas is all about. 
That is "Just Being". 
Being able to acknowledge the true love, support, friendship and joy that surrounds us. 
Being able to acknowledge the family who love us. 
The friends who enjoy us. 
The work which we are blessed to have,
and, the life which we are privileged to lead.    
It was a long overdue reminder to me after spending Advent with all the hype of Christmas, adding to the mix Bruce the Elf.  It was all about gifts, "special" treats, blah blah blah.....but was I really teaching Macie the true meaning of Christmas?  
Teaching her that even through the jungle of wrapping paper, ribbon and toys - the people in our lives are so much more important?  That a simple hug, kiss and a "I love you" is the biggest gift as opposed to a scooter or a new bag. 
So even though our Christmas was amazingly magical, 2013 will be all about "Just Being". 
As I feel that may be just the most important message that my darling children need.

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