Friday, February 4, 2011

Grateful for....

Each week I find that I am grateful for the same beautiful husbo, delightful little girl and my family & friends.....and licking the beaters clean from chocolate cake! 

Never to old to have lick the beaters! 

They all bring me so much happiness and enrich my soul.....but what about ME? 

I really had to think about what I loved about this week and that was..... 'Me Time' (thanks Mummy Time for reminding me about this!).  I am all about keeping it 'real' and will fully admit that I had a mini-meltdown to my husbo this week and wished for just an hour to read a book, a soak in the bath, or a night on the couch watching my favourite TV shows - instead of the constant demand with the sewing machine, washing machine and general chores!  

Life works in mysterious ways because this week I hurt my back and sewing just aggravated it to the point where I was nearly in I cut back from my sewing this week and relished in the 'me' time at any given moment. 

I read nearly two books, took reign on the remote for all my favourite TV shows (I can't remember the last time I did this as I always sew at nights), had nanny naps while my darling daughter slept and didn't spend half as much time on the computer doing invoices, wholesale orders, FB....etc.  

After nearly a week, I woke up this morning and felt liberated - my back felt better, my daughter is happier that Mummy is eager to get down and play with her and I had that skip back in my step.  

'Me' time is SO important - especially for all those Mamas out there who have forgotten what to do for THEM.  I know that earlier this week I couldn't remember what I used to do for 'me' darling husbo had to remind me that I love reading - and two books later....I am smiling again! 

So this week - take some time out for YOU even when the Mount Wash-Me is growing in your laundry, the house needs cleaning or you have a million orders to do.....

I promise you that you won't regret it.  X 


  1. The only problem with snatched 'me' time is it just leaves me craving more! x

  2. All for a bit of time to yourself. (And, just quietly, we pretty much have the same theme for this week's grateful!)

    It was 4 yrs after the 8yo was born before I got a day to myself, and up until that point, I'd had very little time away from my kids (don't have family here in Sydney). I can't believe I lasted that long. It was tough!

    Sorry to hear about your back, but I'm glad the outcome from that at least allowed a little pleasure!

  3. Ah Mount Wash-me is calling to me as well. I am steadfastly ignoring her so I can catch up on my blog reading. And I agree totally. "Me" time is so important.

  4. good advice, darling. We all need a bit of that time to ourselves - without it we're pretty useless to everyone else that depends on us!

    I however despise Mt Washme. I with the dirty rotten scoundrel would never show it's face in my place ever again!

    I couldn't agree more! ME time makes us Mummies so much happier & more a big cheers to that :)
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  6. Good on you...for taking the time to address what you really needed at that point in your life! It shows you have respect for yourself.