Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dalli's Creative Space...

You probably all remember me drooling over some beautiful creative spaces in my post here....unfortunately I will only be visiting these places in my dreams but I decided to get realistic and make the most of the space that we have in the cottage. 

Our beautiful, quaint little cottage is a bit small and I had all intentions on persuading the husbo to let me take over the spare bedroom and rename it the 'Dalli HQ' but have since changed my mind....more on that another day! 

Instead, I decided to rearrange our bedroom (which is HUGE) and have added another large table into the equation so I can sew in the sunshine and gaze out into the wide open spaces and the farm's crop of sorghum.  

So here it is.....just a little collage of my very modest creative space....

Top left: A little board in Dalli's colour scheme where I keep all my suppliers and favourite stores business cards. 
Top Right:  Sewing in the sunshine with "Boris" my Brother Sewing Machine
Second Row Left:  A cute clock to keep me in track of the time
Second Row Middle: Dalli Business cards and logo designed by Creative Curiosity (Highly recommend!)
Third Row Middle: A list of orders and a diary full of 'To-Do'
Third Row Right:  My little lamp for late-night sewing with a beautiful bejewelled Butterfly....a beautiful reminder of my journey
Fourth Row:  My daily acclaimation to start each day fresh, with a skip in my step and a smile on my dial.  Print from The Love Shop on Etsy.  
Fourth Row Right:  My view....the wide open spaces! 


  1. Ooh I d better get tidying my creative space up aswell. this looks lovely, you have a lovely view from your sewing machine. Very peaceful looking.


  2. It looks lovely! And that's quite an order list you have going there. You must be a really busy lady! Love the print as well!