Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have this fabulous customer who contacts me every time a new baby in born in her circle of family and friends! All she does is tell me the name of the new bubba, whether it's a boy or girl and then the address! My job is to create something beautiful, special and then post it off to them as a gift!

I absolutely LOVE making Custom-Made items for these darling little babies and this is what I created for the latest order....

Johnnie the Tractor TWIN New Arrival Pack!
The new twins Max & William will have their own personalised bibs with matching Johnnie the Tractor onesies!

Pretty Little Ruffle Onesie with Matching bib!
This little girl is actually 6 months old so I thought a Pretty Little Ruffle Onesie would be gorgeous since she is probably on the move! The matching bib looks a treat!!

Old Skool New Arrival Pack!
The Old Skool Tee is such a huge hit with my customers that I have now created a bib to match! Looks great doesn't it!

So, we are off to the Post Office to post off all these gifts to the new bubbas! Lets hope they like them!!

All of these items are available for purchase - please e-mail me at if you are interested!!


  1. Gorgeous! Those will be some stylish babies!

  2. Hi Joey! Thanks for your lovely comment! Hope you are well and wishing you a great Christmas. X