Monday, December 13, 2010

The first of many....

I have been wanting to start up a 'Dalli Cottage' blog for many reasons! Of course the obvious is more exposure but most importantly, I would love to be able to write about all these creations that are brimming in my mind and let you all know about them!!

The Dalli Cottage Collection is my small business that runs from our tiny cottage here on a large grain farm. We have a beautiful daughter, Macie who is 14 months old - who is my constant source of imagination for my creations and my Personal Exercise Trainer as she NEVER stops!!

I love creating children's clothing and accessories that ooze country charm and elegance! Timeless pieces that are versatile and pretty for the girls - and fun for the boys!

So keep an eye on this blog as I continue to add my creations, and have some fun!!

A big thank you to all my existing customers who constantly support my small business! You know how much I love you!! X

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