Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In lurve.....

Recently, as you all know, I blogged about the fabrics from Retromummy and the amazing competition/giveaway she was having. Any normal person would have waited to see if they had won....but me, being the self-confessed fabric addict couldn't wait!

So....I received a lovely bundle of not one, not two...but all of her fabrics yesterday in the mail. I felt like my Christmas had come early! I shared my joy with a fellow friend and fabric addict too and we found ourselves 'ooooh-ing' and 'aaaaah-ing' over the gorgeous collection.

Last night I couldn't help myself but to sit, create and sew with the fabrics.....and currently I am working on an apron which will be part of my range for 2011. It's red, it's gorgeous and it is going to be called 'Made with Love'. I hope to have it finished before we head away for Christmas.....but here is a sneak peak.....

It's raining here so hopefully my darling daughter will have a nice moochy morning sleep and I will be able to finish this gorgeous apron! X

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