Sunday, August 28, 2011

The week that wasn't.

I had huge dreams that once I hit the dreamy second trimester that I would be blogging my heart out and sewing like a maniac.  Unfortunately, this little baby has other ideas and is having a great time making sick at random times of the day....and unbelievably tired.  So tired that I refuse to believe that I need over 12 hours sleep a night and a 2 hour snooze with Macie to feel human.....surely this is not normal....but nothing ever is with a pregnancy right? 

Unfortunately due to my knack of 'Not doing much at all' - I haven't really had the inspiration to blog.  I don't want to fill my pages up with complaints of pregnancy - because I am a big lover of all things pregnancy-related.....well most things anyway.  It's a miracle...and totally worth it.

However - I do have some exciting news to report....and that is that I managed to snatch a few awards for my photography recently.  This is the very first competition I have entered so I am so very excited. 

I plan on getting a few of these beauties printed on day.  It's a pity that I am quickly running out of wall space in our beautiful yet tiny cottage!!

So - it's a brand new week that I am devoting to my darling girl.  After months of Mummy being sick - I can see she is craving for some new activities and her active Mummy back - so she is back - no matter what!  Wish me luck!

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