Thursday, August 11, 2011

My kinda magic...

I know that I use the word "magic" a lot - perhaps I over-use it.  I never was the 'goo-ey' feel-good person but over the past few years I have truly transformed.  I really do believe that magic surrounds us each and every day. Life itself is magic - you just need to take the time to find it. 

Things have been somewhat silent here on my blog over the past week while I held on for a whirlwind ride in both my life and the lives of my family.  Over the past two weeks, I have witnessed so many beautiful and wonderful moments - moments that I like to put in the "Never to Forget" file.  The special file that I pull out when life seems tough and I feel like I am treading water.  

Last week, a new addition to our family arrived in the form of my perfect little nephew, Archer James.  I fell in love with him instantly and found myself sitting back and watching this beautiful new family blossom.  I have witnessed my sister become a mother and her husband becoming the doting father and husbo.....and I must admit that I have shared enough tears for everyone.  There is nothing more magical than watching my sister's adoration for both her son - and her husband, and to see that her family are now her world.  Nothing else compares.

I happily welcomed her to the "Mum Club" where it's natural and infact mandatory to cry over the smallest things and marvel at the ability to function with such limited sleep. It was only when both Emma and I found ourselves on the couch crying over Archer's little fingers and toes - that we looked at each other and started laughing at ourselves.  Another moment to file in the "Never Forget". 

Many friends have welcomed darling little babies into their lives over the past few weeks and have given me the utmost pleasure of photographing their little miracles.  I love nothing more than the newborn features, their soft skin and their tiny little cries.  I love reassuring the little darlings and finding that they finally fall asleep or settle once they learn to trust me. 

The one thing I really love is watching the beautiful new relationship form between the family - that really is magic. 

My Newborn Photography seems to be a hit as I now even having 'bookings'.  Who would have thought!  Newborn cuddles + Beautiful families equates to my kinda happiness! 

I sometimes wonder if I should pack up the sewing and start being more serious with my photography.  Since I am self-taught (with the help of my lovely in-laws who are seriously camera-savy) I wonder if I should take the next step to learn more about my camera and all the confusing jargon that comes with it....another challenge on the horizon....and another oppurtunity at my feet.

Speaking of oppurtunities - I had the pleasure of spending Sunday morning with some of the most dedicated and talented women in my border region.  I met the gorgeous Shelli from Shelli Morse Designs, Lisa from Bush Babes and Kate from Children's Online Store - all of which are beautiful and inspirational.  We had all been honoured to be asked to be part of an article in the upcoming Spring Edition Border Living Magazine - to shine the light on creative mums in our area who are working from home.  It was the 'Pinch Yourself' moment where I wondered if I qualified since my sewing machine had been so quiet recently - but thankfully they wanted to shine the light on my blog and photography too.  I think this certainly qualifies for a "Never Forget" moment. 

As the suitcases remain unpacked, the washing pile continues to rise and the house continues to get untidy - I remince on the fantastic few weeks I have just had the honour and pleasure of experiencing.  Although life has thrown me so many gems....nothing beats coming home to this man....

and watching my little family create our own magic....the kind that I will never forget.

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  1. Hey!
    Lisa McG is a very good friend of mine out here! Small world! PS: Gorgeous nephew of yours... makes me clucky... xxx
    Jess xxx