Monday, August 15, 2011


The other day I was going through my iPhone and found myself laughing, smiling and even crying at all my pictures and videos of my darling little girl Macie.

We have graduated to 'Piggy Tiny-Tails'.  Seriously the cutest thing ever!
I feel like she is growing up infront of my eyes.  She learns things at a rapid rate, is starting to put sentences together, shows me things that I haven't even taught her and most importantly, is becoming such a beautiful and caring little girl.  Watching her with her little cousin Archer just makes me want to jump to hug and praise her (on most occasions I do just that too!) as she gently kisses his forehead and laughs when she touches his hands.  It's every parents dream to see their child happy, content and learning.

I often say that our girl has enough personality to kindly donate - but secretly, I am so glad that she is all ours - the laughter, the smiles, the little twinke in her eye and even the tantrums and stubborness.  I like that she knows what she wants and that it's our job to teach her the rights vs wrongs in society. 

When all is quiet in Mimi's office.....there is usually a path of destruction!
As her second birthday looms closer, I wish I had a pause button so I had the luxury of soaking up these moments and memorising them.  To savour the cuddles, the giggles and that extra special time when we tuck her in at night and she rolls over to us and so innocently says "Night Night - Love You".  There is simply nothing better to finish your day off with.

How I usually find Heath and Macie at the end of the day.....she doesn't leave his side from hometime to bedtime!
I was going to upload some hilarious videos to make you laugh - for this is Macie's speciality.  But, unfortunately with my sat internet out on the farm - the darling little laptop just can't hack it.  So instead, just picture a little girl in her carseat singing "MUM MUM MUM MUM" to the Small Potatoes song for over 5 minutes - there are hand actions, smiles, a small break for a breather and then a friendly hello to her Daddy who finally makes it to the car.  Seriously, how can something so small make us so happy?   

She makes people laugh and most importantly, makes her family so very happy.   Her happiness is contagious - and that is such a beautiful trait to have.

We love you Moo.  Today, Tomorrow and Forever. 

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  1. Small potatoes are the best, our little Hannah just loves them!!