Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I know I have been quiet. 

This week my uncle was taken too soon - leaving his wife and children feeling robbed of precious memories and the all important thing that everyone wants more of.....time.  Time to laugh at the small things and time to create the memories in hope that they will never fade.  Time to watch the young ones grow and time to tell your loved ones just how much they mean to you. 

It's such a huge smack in the face when you loose someone so's the smack that wakes me up from the busy hussle and bustle of everyday life and makes me stop to appreciate the real things in life.  The way my Dad hugs me for that little bit longer when he wants me to know that he needs his family, the lingering kisses with Heath as I can't imagine life without him or how we sit quietly and watch the kids play, marvelling in their innocence and youth. 

There are so many valuable things in life....but nothing is more valuable than time.  People want more of it, can't get enough of it and never fully appreciate the value of it - until it is taken away from them. 

Savour the moments - even if they are fleeting - and treasure them.  For if you do will be eternally rich until the end of your days.

{Always on my mind, but even when old age takes my memory, you'll be somewhere in my heart}

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