Sunday, October 23, 2011

The day our baby turned two...

As we tucked Macie into bed on the eve of her second birthday, I actually found myself shedding a silent tear.  How could my baby be two?  My beautiful, vivacious, determined and funny little baby is blossoming into a darling little girl.  The days have flown - admittedly, some days blended into others when life got too crazy and others dragged on and on when life in the cottage got too mundane.  We have shared so many cheeky giggles, hearty laughs, fiery tantrums and tears - but the last 2 years has been the ride of a lifetime.  I wonder where we will be this time next year - with a little brother to stir up the dynamic, and I have no doubt that no matter where we are - we will all be together and happy.

I wanted to start a few birthday traditions with just little and simple things that my kids will recognise that I do care.  Macie was a little too young for some of them but that's ok...we still have plenty of more years to introduce them.  Simple things like a crafty number on her door (which she loved and screams TWO!! every time we walk past!) and then lots of balloons to surround her presents.  I also made her a little crown to make her the Birthday Princess but she wasn't a huge fan of Elmo was crowned instead.

We also want her to be surrounded by family - and she is so lucky to have two sets of beautiful grandparents who love her unconditionally.  My family travelled to come for lunch for the day and Heath's parents also travelled home early after a weekend away.  We are so lucky to have such dedicated family who want to share these special milestones with us.

One of the biggest traditions that I am forcing myself to continue is a letter to our darling daugher for each and every birthday.  We plan on storing them away in a special box and giving them to her when we feel the time is right - whether that be her 18th, her 21st, her wedding day or even when she has her first baby - we will know when the time feels right.

Dear our darling daughter Macie,

We can't believe it has been two years since you entered our world and changed the way we view the life forever.  You are now our world - and your giggles and laughs make our hearts beat daily.

We love your cheekiness, your stubborness (although your Daddy may disagree here!) and how you seem to embrace any situation we put you in.  You have a "Go Get 'Em' attitude and usually just want to escape from your pram and go and say hi to anyone and everyone.  You love hot chippies and are not a huge fan of anything involving vegetables or red meat....or any real meat for that matter.  If you could eat strawberries, grapes and watermelon for dinner every night then you would be happy!  You love Daddy playing planes with your food but insist that he fly the spoon all over the cottage before it lands in your mouth and Daddy does it with all the sound effects and actions! 

You love bubbles and playing outside with your puppy Milly.  If you could be outside all day everyday then you would be happy.  You hate Daddy leaving to go to work and if you could go to work with him, you would.  You are so independent and love having your own showers and insist on at least two a day.  You love water - the hose, the sprinkler, an esky filled with ice, anything but the swimming pool.  You really aren't a fan of swimming lessons.

You make your families eyes shine with joy when they are with you.  You make them laugh when they are sad, and fill them with happiness when they feel low.  You are sincere when asking if people "Are OK?" when they are crying and hate to see people upset.  You kiss their cuts and bruises and wish for them to disappear immediately.  You are caring, beautiful and kind.

We love you - the moment we saw you we loved you and we love you more and more every single day.  We didn't think that this intensity of love was possible - but you have taught us that it's real and it's magical.

Thank you for being you.  Never change.  Continue to be determined and your dreams will become true.  We can't wait to watch you grow, learn and be happy. 

Love Always
Mummy & Daddy
October 2011

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  1. Love the idea of letters Han. I did a diary for Eloise since conception til 1 year old and thought i would do a letter once a year too.

    Have started my diary for bubba #2 and plan on continuing as i did with Eloise. The little things that show our kids that they mean the world to us!!!