Thursday, October 20, 2011

The beauty of Karma....

It was Heath's birthday yesterday....the big day where he entered the Dirty Thirties and he even managed to enjoy himself.  I fell in love with this amazing man 9 years ago on a flooded creek - he was the cowboy with the black hat and the rest is history.  Needless to say, I purchased him a new black hat for the next 30 years and felt myself falling in love with him all over again when I took this photo.  Can that be possible?  I know - I am being all lovey-dovey....can't help it sorry!

I know I sing Heath's praises a lot - and tell you all how much I love him - but one of the biggest things I love about him is that he always have time for people.  Remember this story that I told you of him stopping by the highway to help an elderly couple who were moving interstate (if not - read it!).....well you would never believe what happened.

In yesterday's mail we received a parcel from this beautiful couple who had remembered the date of Macie's birthday while talking with Heath and had sent a birthday present!  They wrote a special note to Heath reminding him of how thankful they were, wishing Macie a Happy Birthday and also wishing us all the best with the birth of our new baby. 

I talk about Karma a lot around here.  That good things happen to good people - and even if it comes in the shape of a Purple Bear that Macie has fallen in love with....then so be it.  It is fantastic lesson for us to teach to our children and what better role model to have than Heath?

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful husband in the world.  May your next thirty years be as great as the last...

I had this printed and made a canvas for Heath for his birthday.  I couldn't work out which one he loved more - the hat or the canvas!  Win Win!!

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