Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 Things....

Recently, I was invited to share "10 Things You Don't Know about Me" from Ilja at one of my favourite online shops Em&Femme Designs.  Ilja is hilariously funny and a fantastic inspiration to just take everything in her stride!  She is also amazingly talented and her designs really are gorgeous.

The game goes something along the lines of tag but I am always up for some fun and love these little games that always leaves the reader going "Well I didn't know that!" here we go....

1.  Before I had Macie, I had a severe phobia of anything related to injections.  As a child, I would scream Blue Murder if a doctor, dentist or any kind of Health Professional even looked to be even considering giving me a jab.  Consequently, our family GP would often hide the needle and hit me when I least expected it....which resulted in a kick in the family jewels for him....with my school shoes on.  From that day on - it was declared war!

2.  I was one of those parents (before actually having a baby) that swore that I would never let my kids watch TV.  Currently, Macie is sitting in her highchair watching ABC Kids while I catch up on jobs and e-mails - and guess what?  I don't feel bad about it!!

3.  I have double-jointed fingers and everything on my left side is slightly bigger and better than my right.  Hands, feet, hearing levels and even my boobs!  Too much information?

4.  I am currently having a "Prove You Wrong" Contest with Heath to prove to him that I can grow flowers in our garden.  I am having issues with a certain 2 year-old who picks these flowers before I can show her Daddy!!! 

5.  I am not a 'Clean As You Go' kinda-person....more so a "Shit! This house looks like a bomb has hit it!" and then I go on a cleaning frenzy.  Thankfully, the cottage doesn't stretch over too many square metres and it only takes an hour to get it back to it's former glory.  Unfortunately, it takes longer for my 10 piles of washing to disappear though....

6.  Heath's mum buys me flowers nearly every fortnight - just because she loves me.  Pretty special right!!  Thank you Larni.  It doesn't go unnoticed and is a beautiful reminder that our relationship is special.  X

7.  I have ridiculously terrible taste in music and have been listening to Christmas Carols off my I-Pod in the car for the last week. 

8.  I hate eating fish....and I despise people who say "Just try it".  I have - and I hate it.

9.  I haven't had a haircut or colour since January - and got abused by a gay hairdresser in Townsville in April for being disrepectful to my hair.  I felt like giving him the forks and perhaps a kick in the nuts like my GP....but instead smiled sweetly and bit my tongue. 

10.  The toilet in the cottage is smaller than one on a Domestic Airline.  Consequently, people that are taller than 5.5ft (Heath & I don't have an issue) usually stop in their tracks and wonder how the hell they are going to fit.  It makes for fantastic dinner conversation to imagine the said person in the position required to make it work.....and to add to the humour we have painted the door so people can write on the door whilst doing their business!  This is the last 2 years worth of visitors.....

The lovely people I would love to tag are:

Angie & Kristy from ANK Bowtique, Emma from Cinderella at Brindabella and Amy from Life with Soul.  

Bare yourselves ladies!!

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  1. Hannah, I have just been reading through your blog and wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed it. Your passion for life and honesty is inspirational. Best of luck with the new little one.
    P xo