Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's been happening lately?

Life has really been so hectic lately that it was only yesterday that I managed to sit down and go through my camera....which hasn't been used too much recently either.  I figured I must write it all down before it becomes old news...

Living on a farm certainly has it's benefits and this is a photo that not every child can boast about.  Heath found an orphaned Joey and bought it home for us to look after.  Macie affectionately called it "Roo" (original I know!) and was absolutely besotted by it....mainly because Roo was just as besotted with her! 

If allowed, I swear Macie would play with my iPhone all day every day.  I made the fatal mistake of downloading child-friendly games onto my iPhone to keep her quiet and entertained in restaurants, cafes, etc.  Admittedly, the games are ridiculously educational (and I will continue to keep telling myself that) and she is becoming a serious pro.  Ask her where the ambulance is and she will scroll to unlock the phone, then skip through the pages to find the App and then find the Ambulance.  The reaction on my parents face when I showed them her new trick was absolutely priceless.  The little demand tantrums for ANYONE's iPhone (stranger or not stranger) is not so priceless!

Moo is absolutely obsessed with Daddy's tractor and ask her where her Daddy is....and she will reply with "Tractor".  Heath recently finished the Summer Sorghum plant however we are all holding our breath since the rain gods haven't been overally friendly since planting has finished!  Keep your fingers crossed for us that the little babies start sprouting sooooooooon!!

She may look like her Daddy but she has a love of all handbags and shoes just like her Mummy.  Scenes like these are a regular occurrence on home days at the Cottage.  Just the other day she was strutting around in my sky-high Tony Bianco heels like it was no-one's business.  That's my gal....

Even though the rain has been prominent around here lately - there have also been a few days where the sprinkler has been on and the yard filled with giggles!!  Milly the dog isn't so keen on the sprinkler though and stays firmly beside my feet no matter how much Macie tries to convince her that it's fun!  This is highly entertaining to watch!!

Is this love or what?  Macie and Archer having a lovely little cuddle during my sister's visit a couple of weeks ago.  Archer has made #1 on the list of "Moo Addictions" and if she could cuddle him all day every day she would.  Fingers crossed she loves her baby brother as much....did I mention we are having a BOY??  To say we are excited is a little understatement and we feel so blessed to be have the joy of the pigeon pair!  Bring on February!

During Archer's visit, Macie wasn't so impressed with the baby bath and the fact that Elmo (#2 on the "Moo Addiction" List) wasn't having a bath.....next thing we know Macie brings out Elmo dripping wet....but the bath didn't have any water.  Now think to yourself "Where did she get the water"...."Is the washing machine leaking?"...."Has she worked out how to turn the tap on?"......and then the realisation hits you.....yes people, she dunked poor Elmo in the Loo for his 'bath'....and yes people, she showed us how!  Once my sister and I stopped rolling on the floor laughing, we gave Elmo a proper bath with LOTS of soap and disinfectant!  This is a story for her 21st!

As you have probably noticed, it is becoming almost impossible to capture a photo where Macie is actually looking at the camera and smiling.  Heath managed to capture this little beauty the other day and it's out-of-focus because it was a milli-second window of oppurtunity!  I love it - it captures the cheekiness and happiness of our darling little girl.  It makes the horror swimming lessons and 5.30am morning wake up calls all worth it.....

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