Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thank God it's Friday

I'm not usually like this....but thank god it's Friday.  After the birthday hype, Macie's body decided to go into shutdown mode with a nasty headcold and my motivation seemed to want nothing more than sleep and no brain power required.  I thought it was Thursday when it was only Wednesday....and to add to that, we had 4 home days in a row.....which Moo likens to a hole in the head.  Don't get me wrong - we love home days, but we also like to mix it up with some playdates, activities and somewhere off the farm.  I am yet to decipher who needs this more....Macie or me - and after my weekly catch-up with friends yesterday....I think it's an equal tie.

iPhone snap from last weeks coffee date - these two have managed to get the coffee shop lady to fall in love with them - consequently allowing them to run amuck while we sloooooowly sip on our coffee.  Yep - we love this lady!
I always try to make home days fun and find myself googling and researching activities for us to get upto.  Thankfully this week didn't require too much brain power thanks to the birthday presents keeping a certain two year old entertained.

Another iPhone snap.  Present of the year!  Such a huge hit that we are offered "Tea" at 5.15am in the morning! 
But I am happy to report that I did manage to muster up a little bit of motivation for some craft.

We are yet to determine who receives the lovely Work of Art by Macie.....we are thinking the person who gave us the biggest, loudest and messiest toy for her birthday!!!
It's another home day today - getting organised before we head away to celebrate my beautiful Grandma's 81st birthday with the family.  A weekend away together before harvest starts and life gets crazy. 

In the meantime, I am off to enjoy another cup of decaf while I toast to "THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!".  Have a great weekend folks. 

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