Monday, June 6, 2011


The other day, I went to call Heath as I knew he was heading into town to pick up some parts.  As usual, we needed bread and milk and I was doing my regular call to ask him to pick up the Dalli Cottage staples.  The thing is....he wasn't on his way to town.  He was on the side of the highway helping an old couple who had broken down due to their trailer A-Frame snapping.  They were half-way through their big move to the Gold Coast from Victoria when they had broken down on the side of the highway. 

Numerous cars had just driven by....too busy....on a mission....running late.....but not my husbo - the beautiful kind-hearted man - he stopped and asked if they needed help. 

Without hesitation Heath stopped to help them.  He then realised that the trailor needed to be welded back together and jumped back in the ute to drive back to the farm to retrieve all the tools he required.  I probably don't need to explain the rest....but he then proceeded to weld and fix the trailor by the side of highway to help this darling old couple out.

They begged for him to be compensated.  He refused....(although they managed to sneek him a fifty)!.

He didn't want to be compensated.  All he said was that he hoped that someone would help him one day when he needs it.

It all comes back to of life's biggest lessons.  Be kind to others....and the universe will be kind to you. 

They sent him a card with scratchies....and he won all of $3.00....

But I truly know that he will be rewarded for his kind heart one day....and no doubt - the reward will be huge. 

I am so proud to call this man my husband, my friend and my soul mate....I love you Heath - today, tomorrow, forever.  X


  1. One of the most uplifting posts I have read in weeks ... absolutely beautiful ... karma is so heading your husbands way and I think a lovely lady like you may just be basking in the glow as well xxx

  2. That was so wonderful of your husband. I broke down on the side of the road in January (Hayleys Birthday) between Ipswich and Aratula. I had my 3 girls plus my neice in the car. We were sitting on the side of the road, with the bonnet up for over an hour before someone stopped to make sure we were ok, if help was on its way and when he noticed the kids he wanted to make sure i had plenty of water and food. He was so nice and I found it hard to beleive that not one person had stopped before him. We had a little chat and when I said thank you he hoped that if it was his wife or daughter someone would stop and help them..

  3. What a wonderful and delightful story to read this morning!?! It really all does come down to Karma, I believe. Such a firm believer in it. You do have a wonderful man. And I am glad you love and appreciate him for that. Awesome. Woudl you mind if I linked back to this story on my blog today? I have QUITE the Manic Monday to post about....let me know!