Monday, June 13, 2011


Long weekends are meant to be filled with exciting destinations....arent they?

Not for us....we had the weekend at home nursing our head colds, and living in our trusty tracksuit pants and double layers of socks....with the occasional dress-up to head to town.  To say it was freezing this weekend was an understatement.....even the clouds looked cold and angry. 

I lost count of the amount of times I said 'We should have planned something'....'We should have gone away'.....but then tonight at the end of the weekend....I found myself thankful that we didn't.  We had the quality time that I crave....and I bathed in all it's glory. 
We slept in, had lazy mornings reading books and magazines in our PJs.  We laughed, I sewed, Macie & Daddy played and we were all happy....what more could you want?  After a week of seeing my darling friends so sad with their own turmoils....I decided to live in the moment, embrace it, treasure the small things and even asked Heath to get behind the camera to capture it.

  family makeup, a $4 beanie and my untamed mane!  

I soaked up the shrieks of laughter from Macie as her daddy chased her around the cottage, and the yells from Heath as he steps on Macie's toys.  Or the little love/hate relationship between Milly the Puppy & Moo.  I loved our family rides all rugged up like eskimos and the afternoon drinks we had with our great friends.  Moo is at that beautiful age where we can bend the rules and stretch the bedtimes - instead of being a strict "7pm Mama - no exceptions"....I'm now a "lets go to bed when we are ready" Mama ......because she loves it....and do I. 

She is just growing up so quickly.  She is independent beyond her years and is coming up with new sentences and words daily.  She has a serious fascination with Apples and would be blissfully happy if she was allowed to eat them all day - every day. 

I am waiting for the paddock talk to rub off on her and for her to let rip a 'colourful' word.....but instead she learns from her Daddy to tell me 'HURRY UP MUUUUUM' after I walk out of a shop....and I can do nothing but laugh as I see the twinkle in her eye as she soaks up her Daddy/Moo time. 

Heath teaching Moo Life Lesson #10 - all about 'finding' the right ute.  PS  Notice the apple??

So yes, we could have gone away, caught up with family, gone to the zoo and spent all our money.....but none of that would have given me the treasured time with my beautiful husbo and baby girl.  They are my entertainment - my life - my loves.....and when I opened the curtains this afternoon to see this in my backyard......

it just proves to me that there is a pot of gold at the end of every matter how long.


  1. I love reading your blog Han :-) Your writing is beautiful and I love looking at your gorgeous photos

    Jo x

  2. I agree with Little Indigo. I love the love you share! That little nugget of yours is getting to be a big girl! Just scrumptious.