Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keeping it real....

After a beautiful day catching up with family and hearing Macie's giggles fill the house - the house is now quiet as Macie sleeps the afternoon away and I sit to ponder and reflect on the beautiful life that we lead.  

It comes as a refreshing change of pace in the Dalli Cottage after weeks of long hard hours for the husbo and quiet Winter days for Macie and I.  The kind where we start to get sick of the same games, same routine....and I swear that Macie whispers to herself "I'm sick of you Mummy" when we have a long stint at home without visitors or playdates! 

I often get asked the question of "How do you do it all?" and fear that I am portraying the wrong image.  Life at the Cottage is as real as it gets.  As much as we love each other, respect each other and care....sometimes we keep on travelling along the same highway day in and day out.... sometimes we just loose our direction. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in the mundane every-day jobs and routine that we forget to just sit and play....or we forget to sit down for dinner as a family.....or we even forget to kiss each other hello as we walk into the door.  It's usually the days and nights where I have been sewing like a mad-woman, passing Heath in the hallways and not spending as much quality time with Moo.  It's those kind of days where I find that ABC kids has been playing on the television all day, Macie has eaten one too many chocolate biscuits - its those days where we have eggs on toast for dinner....but it's OK.

There are times where I realise that Macie hasn't had her hearing aids in for days....but it's OK.

Or times when I loose my marbles....stomp my feet, have a tantrum and let the world know how I am feeling....but it's OK.

Or times when I go to wear my favourite jeans....nope can't do....they are in the overflowing washing basket....but it's OK.

It's OK....It's Normal.....and it's Real.  Life here is as real as it gets.....overflowing washing baskets, running out of milk and bread because I forgot to grab some in town, disorganised house, mouldy food in the fridge (much to my sister's disgust), empty vege garden, and eggs on toast for dinner on more occasions than one.

What happens when Mummy sews....and Macie plays.....dear god.
I'm human....I'm disorganised....but I am real. 

Instead of being worried about it....I embrace it....and that's how I do it.  I embrace life with both hands on the steering wheel and let that highway lead me wherever it pleases....and today it lead me to a beautiful afternoon with family laughing, smiling and adoring Macie. 

So next time you look at me and wonder 'How I do it'.....just remember that just because I am a wifey, Mama, mumpreneur, cook, cleaner, blogger, friend, sister and daughter....I am still real....and as real as they come. 

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