Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Move over Mum and Dad - Miss Moo has a new BFF....in the furry kind....and perhaps the most loyal kind too. 

We are not too sure whether poor little Milly was quite aware of what she was coming into....but she is being loved by our little Macie.....I mean really really loved! 

With the endless cuddles, kisses and giggles - Milly is unconsciously teaching Macie some really important lessons.  Things like "Be Kind'....."Be Gentle"...."Share" ....and...."Quiet time - Milly is sleeping". 

They really are such important life lessons.  The kind of lessons that I hope and pray every day that they will be embedded in Macie's personality and she will learn that with being kind, considerate and gentle with her friends - that she will get nothing but loyalty, happiness and friendship in return. 

Needless to say - we are still working on these little lessons - with a few tears, dramatic tantrums and naughty stand-offs....but I know with a bit of reassurance, gentle guidance and love - that it will all just come naturally and it is slowly....with gentle cuddles and careful holding...we will get there. 

As for now....I am just enjoying watching a beautiful friendship between the little darlings.....the two little darlings that I know will be Best.Friends.Forever. 


  1. Thank you for sharing with us Hannah - Macie is just adorable and so is Milly. Kids and pets can be the best thing. One of my daughters has Aspergers and we brought a caramel border collie and she is just adorable, and well behaved. Dani and her have the best times and it is something for her when she needs time out - she goes and plays with Roxie. Enjoy!!

  2. Your girls are so adorable! As are your photos!