Monday, May 30, 2011


Instinct is powerful...there are no other words for way of describing it....and I find myself constantly underestimating it's ability to restore my faith in humanity.

Over the past few weeks, while life has been hectic and busy....I have found myself completely stopped in my tracks.  Not by all the awful things happening to people....but more so by the amazing things happening in these situations.  The kind of situations where good comes from bad....and my little glass of Faith is slowly refilled. 

I knew a Mothers Instinct was an imaginable force.....but words really can't describe.  It's the kind of instinct that gives you the power to just 'know'. 
It allows you to just 'know' by watching your child grow, learn and play....that you 'know' them inside out.  That you 'know' when they are near, when they are far....when they are in trouble...or when they are perfectly safe. 

Like when a new mother asks another mother "How do you know all these things - how am I going to remember?".....and the response is always "You will just know".  It's a mother's love combined with a mothers intuition with a double dash of magic.....and there you have it....a strong healthy dose of mother's instinct. 

The very kind of instinct that makes a beautiful young mother wake up from a deep coma on Mothers Day to hold her baby girl for the first time in 8 that is just enough to make my Faith glass overflow. 
Then you have the everyday instinct.....

The instinct to introduce a new member into the the furry kind of way.  Milly has been assigned the job of Moo's protector....and it's my instinct to bring her into our family....all for HER instinct....the very instinct that can detect snakes and protect my family....and be the very best companion for Miss Moo. 

Or the kind of instinct that just tells you to go and spend an hour on the tractor with the husbo.  The smile on Macie's face assures me that she loved that special time with her Daddy and the kisses from the husbo are all worth it. 

And then it's the kind where you just find yourself picking up the phone and calling your loved ones.....just to simply say "I miss you".....and you would be guaranteed to bring a smile to the face on the other end.
It's powerful and it's majestic.....

Never ever underestimate it....and always trust it.....because you will find that it may just refill your glass....and more importantly, restore your faith in humanity. 


  1. Well said!

    I'm a huge believer in listening to your gut/instinct. It's the times we ignore that instinct that things go wrong. I wrote about listening to mine one time by not driving through a green light. I just *knew* something was going to happen,and a car travelling along the road I was about to cross drove straight through the lights and screeched on his brakes and landed right in front of my car. If I had gone when I was supposed to, he'd have crashed straight in to me. I had my eldest son in the back seat, and I was pregnant with my second.

    Close call!

    And HELLO...what a gorgeous puppy!!!

  2. Loving a few things about this:
    The puppy ... those little dogs are the best kid protectors against snakes! And they are SOO cute when they are so tiny!
    The air seeder and tractor ... impressive set-up, and is that sowing 5 o'clock shadow your husband is sporting? (as in "i-haven't-had-a-shower-in-daylight-or-at-a-reasonable-hour-in-2-weeks-becuase-I'm-sowing-and-the-last-thing-I-can-think-of-to-do-is-shave")
    Little girls on tractors ... love it! Our steered a tractor the other day and lost it with excitement.
    And finally I bet I know why there's 83 items at the marketing night ... you're currently a 'sowing widow'!
    Gorgeous post!

  3. Lovely to read Hannah, and your piccies are lovely, is Goondiwindi as lovely as Toowoomba. I enjoyed visiting it last week and being in the mountains too, soo gorgeous.

    Have a lovely week and keep on writing, its great to read.

    Susie x