Friday, May 6, 2011

The ride of life....

In the last few weeks, I feel like I have been on the "Rollercoaster of Life" with my beautiful family being sick, having to spend Easter playing nurse to my husbo, loosing my engagement and wedding rings (and crying for days) then up we go for a beautiful few days away while our darling girl had a mini-holiday with her grandparents and now we are back home to reality.

Highs and lows - tears and smiles - laughs and temper tantrums - more tears.  

It's funny how life lets the storm clouds roll in and gives you that un-welcomed ticket for the rollercoaster.  How it has you believing that you are cruising along just fine and then WHOOSH - down you go with your stomach in your mouth - all while screaming "GET ME THE HELL OFF THIS THING" and coming in for a soft and safe landing.  It's like a metaphoric kick in the ass to make you stop and slow take the time for yourself and your family...and to take a step back from your life and take a peek through the windows of your life....and wonder what lessons are to be learnt...lessons that haven't been learnt before.  

Lessons like.....learning that your children will inevitably become sick and there is nothing you can do about it. They will poo on you, vomit on you, make you cry to see them in pain and then they will bounce back within hours.  Back to their active and smiling selves....all while their Mama's will be left seriously sleep-deprived and emotional drained....but secretly jumping for joy inside like it's 1995! 

Or when you have lost your most treasured engagement and wedding ring after searching the house high and low for hours, and falling into a emotional heap....only to find your beautiful husbo hugging and reassuring you that the world isn't going to end and at least we are all happy, healthy and safe.  It's moments like that when you just go....'Yep,'

Or learning that no matter how much you say that you can't wait to get away for a couple of days "kids-free" will spend the whole time texting, calling and checking your phone to ensure that nothing has happened and your daughter hasn't declared war with her grandparents!  You will run to pick her up from her cot even though it's the middle of the night and you will soak up the little the smell of her hair and the way she nuzzles into your neck when you cuddle her.  

But the biggest lesson and one that I always need to be reminded about is....that sun will come up tomorrow.  It may be a rainy morning or a morning where the sunshine seeps through your windows and bathes your bed in golden magic....either way, it will be there and it will remind you and rejoice "TODAY IS A NEW DAY".....and it is then....when you open your eyes, that you declare that you will greet, love and cherish this day like no other.  

So next time life gives me an unwelcomed and unwanted ride on the "Rollercoaster of Life" - I will be armed and ready....I can't guarantee that there won't be any tears and tantrums....but I can guarantee that when the ride ends and the safety harness is lifted....I will say...

 "That was one hell of a ride"


  1. so so true.... beautifully written, and you are beautiful too... hope you find your rings xox

  2. Oh wow Hannah, I read this with tears in my eyes- thinking that I'm not the only one who loses it every now and again, we ARE only human and not made of steel and yes we have emotions too that even our little tots can break down every now and again. Thank you for your grounding words of reality, Cheers Tracey xx

  3. Beautiful post and so true!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!!

  4. such a beautiful post, and your little girl looks divine. happy mothers day!

  5. Just lovely Hannah! Thank you for sharing your highs and lows so that we can feel normal. Life is definately a roller coaster ride! Hope you had a lovely mothers day! Mel Benson