Saturday, May 14, 2011

creating magic...

Today was one of those days.  

It was one of those days where I craved the extra 5 minutes sleep and cursed at the sunshine beaming in my room declaring it's beauty. I felt like a hypocrite - only days before promising myself that I would treat each day new - with a skip in my step and a smile on my dial. I am not perfect....I am human.  And saying that feels refreshing.  

It was the kind of morning where I couldn't even imagine my head functioning without coffee. The hot, strong, steamy type in an over-sized mug.  Where I find myself waving goodbye to my beautiful husbo out the window, coffee one hand acting as temporary heater and the other covering the hole in my pyjamas - the hole in the rear....all while looking for that little bit of inspiration....just a sprinkle - to get me started with my day.

It is then in that very moment - that I declared that something extra would have be done today. The magic, inspiration and beauty of the freezing cold winters day wasn't coming by it's up to me to create it.

shower, kitchen clean-up, fresh new clothes and...

a kitchen table, 5 sheets knotted to the curtain rods, a few chairs, a few pins, 2 heavy books, blankets, special bears and reading books = the under the kitchen-table-cubby-house-kind.  

I forgot how many times we hit our heads on the kitchen table but it was fun.  

We played games, sang songs, had a Teddy Bears Picnic, read books, and created our own very own magical day. The kind of magic where it beams and radiates from Macie - the kind of magic that creates memories. Sometimes I wonder if she is too young to remember things like this...days like today....and then I smile - reminding myself that I am allowed to bathe in the glory of they are the secret to a long and happy life.

To add to the magic, we went on a drive - I have fond memories of going on afternoon drives with my family. The type where we weaved the streets of suburbia, admiring houses, visiting family and enjoying the time together. We don't have the luxury of having suburbia here on the farm...we share our road with some of the biggest and longest road trains ever.  Some of them who are much more impatient than others....

 and if it's not the's beautiful dirt roads where the shadows from the trees act the part as your traffic and the dust dances around your car....

But we do have one of the most beautiful views from our car windows.... 

Sorghum crops on one side of the highway slowly ripening off to the winter sun - craving more heat to show it's full potential. The crops being a constant reminder of the long, wet and awful season the district has endured...and praying that they are all given a break - with rain when needed, pristine conditions and NO plagues.

It's along the highway on the way to our sleepy little 'corner store' town that you realise the dust that is filling the air from the surrounding farms. All from the tractors and planters in the paddocks planting their wheat for their winter crops...especially on our farm. With each and every seed, there is a dash of hope and a little prayer - 'just enough rain, good conditions, no mice and no plagues'.  Simple request really. Let's hope Mother Nature listens and magic happens...the magic that makes the farmers smile.

And now as I write this post, I listen to the singing and dancing coming from Macie's bedroom as the day ends and the sun begins to set.  The squeals of delight leave me wondering what she imagining in those deep eyes of hers...  

But by the sound of those giggles....the magic that we created today....will surely be with her in her dreams for the night to come. 

Magic comes in so many different ways....
and for that I will be forever grateful

PS.  I will be without a laptop over the next few weeks so blogging may be somewhat quiet.  Please bear with me!  x  


  1. Hannah, we haven't been for a 'drive' for so long! There's always a destination these days. You've reminded me that the journey to nowhere special can be the best kind of drive of all. x

  2. I love your under the kitchen table cubby house idea. Was just pondering how to amuse my little boy this afternoon...just might have the answer now. Thanks for stopping by Muddled Up Mumma.