Saturday, May 21, 2011

plus one

Mother Nature is throwing us some beauties at the moment....the frosty kind of mornings that transform into the warm, toasty, bathe-in-the-sun kinda days.

Macie is throwing some beauties too at the moment....the teething-and-i-feel-miserable kinda mornings and the cuddle-me-forever kinda days.

The kind where one moment it's all sunshine and smiles....and then it's the show-stopper....the performance that even makes me stand up and applaud - so theatrical and dramatic.  No tears - just temper...boy is she cranky at these teeth.  It looks like she is going to get all four eye teeth at once....yay for us.  Not.

But with teeth comes long, snuggy day sleeps where she hits the land of nod and forgets about the troubles her mouth is causing her....and it's where I forget the show-stoppers....100% cleared from my memory.

But back to the sunshine....because it's the very sunshine that brings smiles to the cranky one's face.  And it is very thing that gives this Mama the chance to lie on a rug, in the middle of the yard and bathe in it's glory....all while watching Macie play....being her little Miss Independent-self.

It's also the beauty that streams through the dusty and dirty kitchen window and illuminates hidden love messages from the husbo....

 It's an old tradition which started right back when we first said those three little (yet so big) words to each other.  Nearly ten years ago...not long after we met....because we just 'knew'.  It is then when we would compete with how much one loves the other more...more than the universe, more than my spaghetti bol....and Heath would just simply reply...'Plus One'.  Anything that I described....he would love me plus one. 

Even to this day....he still tells me.  With love notes that surprise me when I least expect it.  He really is one of a kind. 

I was recently told the other day that people are amazed with how much ''in" love we are.  They couldn't believe that we could talk about each other with such love, adoration...and most importantly - respect.  That they couldn't remember ever being so blissfully happy - just with each other. 

And then recently, while sitting on the steps of the cottage with his Mama - she turned to me and said 'He really loves you - you know that right?'

And I do.  I love him more than life itself....

Plus one. 

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