Monday, May 9, 2011

a mothers love

I headed home for Mothers Day….the place where my part of my heart still lives after all the years being away. I love home at this time of the year – the air cools instantly as soon as the sun hides behind a cloud and the kaleidoscope of colours in the trees as the leaves start to turn to the Autumn sun. I love the cold, rainy mornings where you can’t imagine popping your little toe from the covers….and I especially love the long hot cuppas and complimentary conversation with my gorgeous family….actually that is what I love and miss most.

We spent the morning playing in the park, sipping on coffee and indulging on cake....all while watching the young ones play on the swings and listening to their hearty giggles fill the air. I always find it so humbling to see all my family just swoop Macie up in their arms like she is theirs....even if we haven't been home for months. She thrives on it - the attention, the love and the fun.

I always find myself deep in reflection on the drive home after my sad goodbyes and lingering hugs with my family. While Moo slept so peacefully in the car – I found myself so deep in thought – reflecting on the beauty of motherhood and how no-one ever warned me about the love that would be so deep and powerful.

I had plenty of warnings while pregnant from friends, family and even strangers about the horrors of being a Mum. All of which left me feeling completely terrified about what I had got myself in for. Warnings ranging from the simple fact of leaking nappies (I know you are all nodding!)….to the myth of the “Arsenic Hour” where as the clock strikes 5 – our children turn into monsters and will endeavour to make us all turn insane before bedtime……apparently.

But with all these stories being told to me over and over….not once was I warned of the strength of a mothers love. How I would turn into a Lioness protecting my cub as soon as I would hold my darling girl. How I would roar at anything or anyone who even looked to cause her harm. How this tiny little human being would become my world.

How within days, I would be able to decipher the difference in her cries, that I would yearn for her touch and marvel at her developments. How I would find myself talking baby to her to the response of smiles and that I would tell her each and every day how much she has grown in just a few hours.

No-one warned me that my relationship with my own mum would deepen and an understanding would form between us both where we would just ‘know’. That she would just know when I needed a chat, a cry and a hug. Know without words – how I was feeling. My beautiful Mum has moulded me into the Mum I am today….loving, strict and playful.

Or that I would have a new respect for my mother-in-law…the beautiful lady that can put a smile on her face even though she faces her own hardships. She has raised such a beautiful son…one I am so very proud to call my husband. For that, I am so grateful.

Motherhood is a secret potion which keeps us going when all we crave for is an extra 5 minutes sleep or an uninterrupted cup of coffee. It’s the potion that fills your heart when you run out of steam or that clears your head when the dark clouds start to follow you….those clouds that question ‘Am I doing enough?’.

It is a secret potion – filled with love, joy and youth and most importantly….memories.

It’s magic…. that lives in the hearts and souls of our darling children.

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  1. Beautiful ... the imagery you create with your words are complimented by such gorgeous photos x Thank you for introducing yourself to me x