Monday, June 6, 2011

If the shoe fits....

They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....and Miss Moo's latest fascination with shoes just proves the theory.  It doesn't matter if it's a pair of thongs, sky-high wedges or Daddy's boots....if the shoe fits (well not really), she will be walking around in them.  If she can't work out how to get them on, then she comes over to me - grabs my hand and patiently walks me over to the shoes.  It's then that I find myself smiling....she may look like her Daddy but she shares her Mummy's passion.....for shoes. 

When I say that shoes are my passion...I am telling you that I realllllly love shoes.  I dream of having a walk-in wardrobe.  One portion for clothes.....the rest for shoes.  High heels, wedges, pumps, boots, sandals.....every colour of the rainbow....and of course, the belts and handbags to match.  My theory is all you need is a great pain of jeans and a fantastic pair of shoes....and you.are.set! 

Since becoming a Mummy I have happily hung up the heels and opted for the practical and reliable.  No longer having the indispensable bank account - the kind where shoes were more important than food - I now happily wear my trusty footwear.  It's only for the good occasions that I pull out the beauties and feel like a superstar!

Don't get me wrong....on more occasions than one you will find me in front of my shoe collection - in my PJs - trying on my shoes. You may also find me wearing a pair of sky-high black peep-toes while taking photos of my gives me the extra height and my little shoe-fix.

I see it as the fair for family....and a dog that has a little fetish too. 

It's just like how we have traded long late nights drinking at the pub for early nights with Macie all tucked in bed as we snuggle the night away on the couch watching Crocodile Dundee re-runs. 

Or spending our Saturday mornings in Toy Shops dreaming of all the toys we could buy Moo - instead of shopping up a storm of clothes, shoes and all the rest of it.  Kids and puppies are all we need...

Or quickly scoffing down our lunch while at a resturant once we realise that our darling daughter has turned into the Incredible "Smiling" Hulk....I suppose that happens when you give her a green felt pen and colouring-in book and go about to eat your thing you know she has coloured in her face and it aint coming off with a standard baby wipe.  Classy. 

Or that your biggest meeting of the week is infact a Playdate at the Park with your beautiful friends...instead of high-pressured meeting with a high-flying client with a kazillion-dollars to his name.  Playdates are the event of my week....I would jump rivers and climb moutains to see Miss Moo play with her friends and hear their giggles.  Best.Sound.Ever. 

Give me sneakers, haviannas or scruffy RM boots any day over sky-high heels and stinky pubs.....if it means that I have the honourary job of raising my beautiful girl and being her Mama.  If it means that I may wear the deadly combination of joggers and jeans on more than one occasion....all to hear her get excited about Bananas in Pyjamas coming on television.......but I wouldn't change it for the world.

If the shoe fits....then wear it....treasure it....savour it....smell it....and memorise it. 

Because, before long, this darling little girl will be wearing her own sky-high heels, attending her own high-profile meetings and experiencing her own fair share of stinky pubs.....

but for now....she's all mine.  X 


  1. Ooh Hannah, this is just lovely :) made me grin from ear to ear! Not sure I am ready to let go of our miss m yet either and the thought of her negotiating business deals and smelly pubs - lol - flash backs - seems all too soon! She will be well shod tho if genes have anything to do with it! Keep up the writing honey it's my newest tonic xox Shelli

  2. Such lovely photos. Your Macie is gorgeous! I think girls are born to love shoes, clothes and shopping! i know my little L does, she is always bringing me clothes, tea-towels, whatever she can find for me to dress her up in!
    all good memories!

    x jody